Oh No, Help! Now We Have An Ice Age Coming!



If an Ice Age is coming, whatever will the global warming alarmists do? Al Gore will lose his cash cow.

We might be facing a mini-Ice Age, a group of scientists say. It will occur because of the “Maunder minimum” which they say will start in about the year 2020 and will bring about global cooling. It was last experienced from 1646 to about 1715 when it caused the River Thames to freeze over.

According to results presented by Professor Valentina Zharkova at the National Astronomy Meeting in Llandudno, new solar cycle models are producing accurate predictions of irregularities in two layers of the sun, one that is close to its surface and the other deeper inside, and suggest that solar activity could drop by 60 percent in the 2030s.

During the period between the 2030s and 2040, solar waves, the sun’s “heartbeat”, will be out of sync causing a reduction in solar activity.

Zharkova said that she and her colleagues created a model that completes solar predictions with better-than-ever accuracy rates of 97 percent.

The phenomena was discovered about 172 years ago.

The Daily Mail has a good description of the sun’s 11-year heartbeat.

The frozen River Thames


Back in the 1970s, the media often promoted the idea that the globe would be freezing over, reports Popular Technology, with many blaming man-made pollution, not the cycles of the sun. They predicted it would start in about 2020. Maybe they were right after all.

The 1970s was the age of cooling alarmism, much like the global warming alarmism of today, except a minimal number of people took it seriously.

In June 1974, Time Magazine published a mountain of evidence to support scientists who warned of a coming ice age. Claiming there were “telltale signs everywhere”, the article went back three decades for stats to support the coming cooling.

Newsweek Magazine conducted it’s own investigation in 1975, claiming that the evidence had “begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists (were) hard-pressed to keep up with it all.”

When they discovered the average temperatures since the late 1800s had risen, they came up with global warming. They then linked pollution to man-made CO2 emissions to bolster their argument. Now that the ice caps are recovering, they had to change course so they called it climate change.

During climategate, we found out that scientists were deliberately lying and exaggerating the facts around global warming science in order to force draconian changes to the economy, culture, and politics.

An ice age will pull the damper on their global warming theories.

Climate expert John Casey earlier this year told Newsmax TV’s J.D. Hayworth that the direction of climate change cannot be determined based on a single event, but the collection of record-breaking winters shows that the planet is getting colder.

“Just about every American can now see that we’ve had a series of brutal, record-setting winters that are starting earlier, staying longer and breaking records that are 100 and 150 years old,” Casey told Hayworth.

“Clearly, the planet is getting colder,” said Casey, president of the Space and Science Research Corp.


Another curious bit of weather information is that a massive El Nino is heading our way that will possibly cause enough rain to fill all of California’s reservoirs.

Global warming alarmists are rushing to debunk the new theory but so far all they’ve done is cast doubt. The Ice Age theory isn’t solely based on computer models and recent climate fluctuations. It goes back 400 years.




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