Oh No, NY Times! McGahn Just Blew Apart Your Entire Fake News Article


The New York Times Trump-haters, Maggie Haberman and Michael Schmidt, wrote a hit piece about White House Counsel Don McGahn’s 30 hours of testimony with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. They implied and strongly suggested that McGahn sold out the President and they added that he did it to protect himself from the President.

It wasn’t until the end of the article that the authors admitted McGahn said he “never saw Mr. Trump go beyond his legal authorities.”

They look like buffoons right now.  Mr. McGahn’s lawyers said he did not incriminate Trump and he never saw Trump commit a crime. As news comes out about Mr. McGahn’s statements, CNN is dishonestly reporting Trump is “agitated” and the Trump-McGahn relationship is “already-fraught”.


The WashingtonPost is reporting “White House counsel Donald McGahn does not believe that he implicated President Trump in any legal wrongdoing”

SF Gate and the Chicago Tribune reported “McGahn’s attorney, Bill Burck, told Trump’s lawyers this weekend that McGahn did not assert that Trump engaged in any wrongdoing when he spoke to Mueller’s investigators in three lengthy interviews since last November, according people with knowledge of the discussions.”

“He did not incriminate him,” Burck wrote in one email, which was described by multiple people.

McGahn is a witness to any possible collusion or obstruction and he didn’t see any.

Will the New York Times apologize for their fake news story? This information comes as CNN continues the pretense, claiming Trump is unsettled by the 30 hours of testimony. Will they apologize or print a retraction?

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5 years ago

NYT lost the plot a long time ago for trustworthy jounalism

5 years ago

There are two diametric extremes these past couple years.

On the one side we have the assumption Trump is an idiot, unhinged, even impetuous in his actions. He is an ignoramus, a buffoon, incapable even of a modicum of intelligence. He’s getting worse by the day, week and month. He’s over his head and only acts on whatever he is told last. This side includes All the left, the Never Trumpers and the Anti Trumpers, and in some ways the Supporters.

On the other side he knows precisely, in every detail what is going on. Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller are ALL working WITH Trump to weed out the corrupt. Those who deny are ignorant of the truth and are unable to see the “facts”. This group, with Trump are perpetrating a “ruse” on the people in order to accomplish that goal. It will all be revealed. This was orchestrated before Trump even considered running for office.

Only recently had I heard of the term Occam’s razor, and this should be the guiding light for any analysis of the events. Trump is not an ignorant buffoon, nor is he inept when it comes to legal situations. He has weathered many a legal challenge and overcame them. He has the ability to know when to act and how. Some, including Republican opponents and supports, would have us believe twitter is evidence of Trump’s only capabilities. It is a weapon that is used specifically for responses that would not normally be revealed.

It seems that the NYT is the recipient of most of these “revelations” and in each case it appears to create a division of sorts in the White House among certain players. It’s as if the goal is to cause a certain response by the White House or Trump himself. I can assume it was leaked by someone on the Mueller team, which Can be someone remotely involved in the investigation. There are FBI / DOJ personnel that also have roles in Mueller’s team. So, this could have been done to cause such a reaction to further an obstruction case. Trump has had enough “experience” to know the tactics of prosecutors. This isn’t his first time around the block.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

New York times is an evil propaganda filled newspaper masquerading as an objective information outlet.