Oh the Irony, March for Our Lives Marched with Heavy Armed Protection


The March for Our Lives socialists don’t seem to understand the irony of marching against guns while being surrounded by police, armed guards, SWAT, the Army National Guard, the U.S. Security Service, the FBI, and Homeland Security.

There was no mention of God and there were no U.S. flags. Planned Parenthood was marching for life when they make their money from killing babies.

No one talked about Sheriff Israel, the incompetent school officials, the FBI screw ups, and all the system failures.


Just as an aside but along the lines of liberal illogic, the protesters have been repeatedly saying John Lennon died from gun violence. But, no, he didn’t, he died at the hands of a maniac who wanted to be famous, Mark David Chapman.

  • It’s highly informative that what is displayed is the cult-like atmosphere in the chanting of slogans. In every cult it is prohibited to speak to “non-believers” which is the case in these marches.