Oh This Is a Good One: Hillary’s Latest Big Fat Whopper



Can’t prove Hillary lied about this but in all likelihood she did.

Hillary Clinton was interviewed by Steve Harvey on his show and told him that she was all “excited” about JFK saying “we were going to send a man to the moon” and she was “excited” about the space program when she was 19.

She wanted to be a NASA astronaut. It’s unclear if that was before or after she tried to become a Marine.

She wrote to NASA and they wrote her back, she says.

They allegedly said “thank you for your interest at this time but we are not accepting women astronauts.”

It hurt her feelings because she wasn’t going to ever be an astronaut.

They should have considered her because her mind is somewhere out in space.

She seems like a female Walter Mitty.

This exchange reminded me of her interview with CBS anchor Scott Pelley for some reason.



  1. Sounds to me typical Hillary lie to get the young female vote, yea right she wanted to be an astronaut, lets make her one and put her on a one way trip to Mars!!!!!

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