Ohio’s Poised to Give Its Electoral Votes to Leftist States Like NY & Cali


New Mexico is the latest state to hand over its electoral votes to the left and Ohio is the next one to go down. The vote to join the National Popular Vote Compact in Ohio comes up in November.

The language of the ballot measure would enshrine the following in the state’s constitution:

It is the expressed will of the People that every vote for President be valued equally and that the candidate who wins the most votes nationally becomes President. Therefore, the General Assembly shall within sixty days of the adoption of this amendment take all necessary legislative action so that the winner of the national popular vote is elected President.

That means Ohio would turn their electoral votes over to New York and California and similar states. They will give up all their electoral votes to the winner of the National Popular Vote Compact. Since California and New York have a large number of electoral votes and a large leftist population, they will rule over them.

Why would states give up their votes? The reason is the leftists have a great disinformation campaign going on. They claim they are making every vote count, but in actuality, they are diluting the vote of the rural voters. It would give a veto power to the leftist, heavily populated states and erase the power of the rural areas.

It’s All About Destroying the Electoral College

The purpose of the NPV is to destroy the Electoral College. Once the College is gone, the Republic is gone and we become a Socialist country — in an instant.

If they can’t get that done, they will push to eliminate the Electoral College to rush us towards a one-party progressive electoral majority. That is what the illegal immigration is all about. If Democrats get the Senate and the presidency, they could pass an amendment to destroy the College.

The majority of the country does not want this but there is no one fighting the hard-left movement.

Look at the agenda of the 2020 presidential candidates for the Democrat Party — it’s socialism/communism.

State are falling to the far-left, one by one. New York now has a socialist/Democrat legislature and a leftist governor. New York City is literally being destroyed by a communist. California is long gone. Once states fall to socialism, it’s over.

The Democrat Party is the Socialist Party. Republicans are weak. The judges are activists. Trump is alone.

Bernie Sanders just won a lawsuit allowing children 17 years of age a vote in the Primary. The reason he wants that is obvious.

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