Oklahoma Tragedy Brings Out the Partisans


Update: 5/21/13: Twenty-four are deceased, including nine children. Fortunately, the original numbers were wrong.

We won’t be reporting on this tragedy except for this post. We offer our prayers for the victims and their families. Fifty-one are deceased and at least 20 are children. Dozens of children and teachers are trapped below wreckage and their fate is unknown. The death toll is expected to climb to 91.

A two mile-wide funnel traveling at 200 mph slammed directly into an elementary school. A hospital was also hit directly but all survived. The tornado leveled an entire town of 41,000 people.

searching for survivors at OK school

People tell me the Democratic Party is the party of caring but I haven’t found that to be the case.

Many parents don’t yet know the fate of their children at the elementary school and the following is what we get from the left.

A democratic Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, used the opportunity to go on a rant against global warming and blamed Republicans for the deaths. Global warming of course had nothing to do with the tornado.

The creator of the Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, posted this:

She took it back after being attacked by both left and right. She said she didn’t realize the extent of the tragedy even though it was known from the onset that people died.

Meanwhile, this is what the dolts are politicizing:

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