Omar as a foreign agent story came from a fake imam & a Saudi fixer


An Alarabiya and Jerusalem Post story suggesting that Rep. Ilhan Omar is a secret foreign agent for the nation of Qatar is highly dubious. The Daily Caller News Foundation has uncovered information about the so-called Imam of Peace and the Omar story, making it seem more dubious than it did when first reported.

After the Jerusalem Post posted a story by Alan Bender — a Saudi fixer and Canadian businessman — about Ilhan Omar, we reposted the story. However, the sketchy story appears to be very questionable and Omar has denied it.

In short, Bender claimed Ilhan Omar was groomed by Qatar and passes sensitive information to Iran.


The Imam of Peace, Mohamad Tawhidi has passed the story around for months but The Daily Caller reports that he is a fake imam. He is Muslim but never graduated from his alma mater.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported in 2017 that Tawhidi’s alma mater said he never graduated and it “does not recommend” him “for lecturing in any way. Accordingly, he has no competency to do religious activities or preach sermons.”

Tawhidi has built 600,000 Twitter followers by criticizing extremist and anti-West elements of Islam.

But the Australian outlet says after dropping out of university, he studied under a fringe cleric who holds ultra-conservative positions, such as that men may marry nine-year-olds, that Sharia law should govern, and that women should not hold roles in government.

He has said he used to be an extremist filled with hate but has reformed. Hmmm…


The really anti-right Krassenstein brothers, Brian and Ed, currently banned from Twitter, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that they received damaging information on Tawhidi, “including recordings and texts from Tawhidi which described a plot to smear Omar with what Bender said were forged documents and lies.”

On Tuesday, a post on the brothers’ Facebook page said that four months ago – in July — Bender contacted the Krassensteins to tell them that Tawhidi was working for Qatar’s enemies to spread lies about Omar.

Brian Krassenstein said he was using Bender as a Middle East expert. The day after Bender informed them the story was a lie, Ed Krassenstein’s wife received threatening messages from unknown persons. Tawhidi denies he was the one doing it.

By August, Bender claimed the same thing Tawhidi was claiming about Omar.

The Krassenstein’s attributed the online postings to the UAE and Saudi Arabia and some motley conservatives. They have been fooled for months so there is no reason to believe them now. However, they knew the name Tawhidi was going to come up with – Abdullah al-Saleh.  Saleh started tweeting about Omar.

Who pays Bender is unclear as is the fake imam’s intent.

It appears the Omar story is most likely fake news. Who knows who is behind it. There is no evidence beyond these dishonest reporters.

The fake news provocateurs are trying to get conservatives to pass the story around, hurting everyone involved and making fools of them. It’s a win-win for some bad people.


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