Omar calls for “REAL JUSTICE” against Israel as Hamas bombs them


Over 750 rockets have rained down on Israel from Gaza this weekend as the Democrat Party remains mostly silent and Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar call out in support of the Hamas terrorists.

Omar not only defended the terrorist group Hamas but talked about a non-existent “occupation” of Gaza.

There are about 21 people running for President on the Democrat Party ticket but they haven’t said a word about this attack on Israel. Maybe we missed it, but there is nothing from , , , , , , , and others.


“How many more protesters must be shot, rockets must be fired, and little kids must be killed until the endless cycle of violence ends?” the communistic Democrat Omar posted. “The status quo of occupation and humanitarian crisis in Gaza is unsustainable. Only real justice can bring about security and lasting peace.”

What does she mean by “REAL JUSTICE?”

What will Speaker Pelosi do about these two? Will she even ask Omar what she means by “REAL JUSTICE?” Is she talking about Holocaust 2.0?

She retweeted a condemnation of NSA Ambassador Bolton as terrorists attack our allies.

Let’s not forget Bernie Sanders who said it’s racist to protect your country from terrorists.


Rep. Liz Cheney wrote in a tweet:

1. Hamas controls Gaza.
2. Hamas is firing rockets at civilians in Israel. 3. @IlhanMN is defending Hamas. Real question is how many times will @IlhanMN rush to the defense of terrorists?

Ilhan’s statement is a lie. Gaza is not occupied and Israel leaving Gaza was one big mistake. The terrorists took over Gaza and they won’t stop the killing.

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3 years ago

Tlaib & Omar enjoy using words to try & terrorize people. Any vacancies at Gitmo for female terrorist?

Billy Bob Johnson
Billy Bob Johnson
3 years ago

DEATH to Leftist, communist, progressives, fascist, and anybody else that wants to live in a world w/ Bernie Baby,Hillary, AOC, Pocahontas, And all the other Liberal Mother Fuc.ers in this country. Death by “Retroactive Abortion” . The only way to keep this a FREE country is to rid us of the Leftist Communist Bastards trying to take over this GREAT COUNTRY. We also need to stop listening to stupid liberals like Robert DeNero and all the other stupid leftist “ACTORS” . That’s all they are , they didn’t become smart, they became ACTORS, phonies not real people. They are just as stupid and ugly as all the other ACTORS who think they became sometime special when they became ACTORS. It didn’t make them smarter, it just gave them a bigger mouth. The Alyssa Milano chick became a real stupid whore, fat ugly bitch. She can talk like that about our POTUS, she is nothing but a cheap whore.

3 years ago

Somewhere in Somalia is a village missing its idiot. Ilhan needs to return to her home country, cuz it certainly is not the US.
I want to thank the previous administrations for bringing all the ME “refugees”(covert invaders) to our nation in an effort to “fundamentally change” our country. If they are successful, we become what they left behind in their country of origin. 3rd world sh*thole is an inadequate description.

herbert r richmond
3 years ago

These people support the killing of civilians, women/children, them blame Israel for defending themselves, this is sheer lunacy, THANK A DEMOCRAT.