Omar opens for Bernie with ‘white supremacy’ & ‘Western imperialism’


Rep. Ilhan Omar went full hard-left in her endorsement of Bernie Sanders this weekend. One doesn’t have to look too deep into her speech to capture her intent. It is an alarming message for capitalists and those who prize freedom.


Bernie Sanders likes to call himself a Democratic Socialist. The only difference between a Democratic Socialist and any totalitarian ruler, any communist, is you get to vote for your oppressors a few times until they don’t like the way you vote. A system, like Democratic Socialism, that puts a few elites in D.C. in control of all the people is neo-communistic. The Utopian selling point is that one day all will rule as one, but that never happens and can’t. That is what Bernie Sanders is calling for in the USA. It is what Ilhan Omar hopes to see and it is why she endorsed him.

Democratic Socialist Omar, who has a history of sympathizing with dictators, communists, anti-Semites, and terrorists, endorsed Bernie Sanders because he will “fight against Western imperialism.”

She condemned ‘white supremacy’ and ‘Western imperialism’ in her opening for Bernie, towards the end of her speech:

As a refugee who escaped war and persecution as a child, I am honored to stand with the son of a Jewish refugee who survived genocide. The acknowledgment of pain and suffering is personal for both of us. The fight for human rights is undeniable and when we recognize injustices of the past and present – whether it is genocide against Jewish people, Armenians, or Rwandans, or Bosnians, or Native Americans, or more – we recognize, we realize that that recognition isn’t about punishing our political foes, but leading within a moral obligation.

I am beyond honored and excited for a president that will fight against Western imperialism and fight for a just world … I am excited for president Bernie Sanders…

Western imperialism usually refers to the spreading of the values and the economic views (capitalism) of the West (Northern America and Europe) to the rest of the world. Those who oppose them see them as domination and prefer the socialism and statism that is currently ruling most of the world.


Omar condemned white supremacy at the end, suggesting it is who all Americans are. She brought up the oft-repeated Charlottesville lie. Her belief system is an attack on our Founding and our Christian-Judeo principles.

Bernie’s ‘political revolution’ is also an economic and cultural revolution and it will damage Christianity, white people, and capitalism.

Her calls for the USA to abandon our beliefs will cause the USA to recede as an influence in the world and will inevitably leave the very dangerous power of communist China supreme.


The cheering of the audience was as loud, jarring, and frightening as any Nazi rally to this olive-skinned Christian capitalist.


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Pete Scully
Pete Scully
4 years ago

Isn’t it interesting how certain people can change their tune so readily when they know their audience?