Omar said Trump wants to deport black/brown people, ban Muslims


President Trump hasn’t backed down on the four communistas who are trying to destroy our country. Today he blasted them again with what many would consider the truth. How can you love the country when you tear the country apart?

Can you picture these women ever standing up for any of our values, our constitution, our Founding principles? They believe in none of that and they, along with others, are destroying the Democrat Party.

The President is actually helping the Democrat Party if they would listen.

Ilhan Omar, who very likely committed immigration fraud and half-a-dozen other felonies, lashed out, calling him a racist who wants to deport every black/brown person and ban Muslims.

No Trump policy, no Trump statement, has ever suggested in any way that he wants to ship out people of color or limit Muslims coming into the country.

She knows that’s an absurd lie but she also knows no one will call her on it. Omar can say any vile thing, any lie, she wants.

This is a woman who would not respond to claims that she is pro-al Qaeda or a communist.



  1. As for Me I want to Ban all of Islam from being in the US because Islam is Diabolically opposed to Our Republic and the everyday life of normal Americans, Islam is proven to be a Violent Murderous False religion of Hate, and child molestation as well as female Mutilation and abuse, Islam is Evil period..

    • There was a law enacted in 1952 which effectively banned people who would NOT swear allegiance from emigrating…it would be very interesting to know WHO was responsible for rescinding same???? The enemy within is operating openly and the corrupt mainstream moronic sold out fake media is complicit in their treason…

  2. Banning people who constantly shout “Death to America” and live by sharia law, “a law that is repugnant to the constitution”, SHOULD be banned from America. We would not very much longer be free if we were made to subject to Islamic subjugation. That IS their prime directive. Conquest of Earth for allah. “A Law that is repugnant to the constitution is VOID”-Marbury v Madison, USSCt., (1803).

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