Omar says taxpayers must pay her college debt because the system preyed on her


Rep. Omar made some bad choices and so did others, she said. As a result, she wants you, the American taxpayers, to pay for the mistakes. They did nothing wrong. It’s never their fault and it’s always the system that hurt them, preyed upon them.

It’s also a system that is stacked against her as an immigrant. This is a woman who was saved from a refugee camp in Somalia, earned a college degree and became a congressional representative who makes over $180,000 a year. She uses her advantages to tear apart America, Americans, Christians, Israel, and Jews.

We should give her more.

What an entitled little Marxist she and her followers are.



  1. This idiot makes 180000 a year she should be thanking whatever God she believes in that she is here in this country she got more of an advantage bcuz of her immigrant status kick this bitch out of the country

  2. I truly believe that these people are out to destroy the USA and before they complete their mission, drain it for Everything they can Get, Send their Asses Back like the came……BROKE. I’M TRIED OF WORKING MY ASS OFF SO THEY CAN HAVE THEIR FREE STUFF AT TAX PAYERS EXPENSE. SEND THEM BACK

  3. As she was elected, let’s just hope those in Minn. have seen WHAT A STUPID MISTAKE THEY MADE !! If she was elected by muslimes only then there is way too many in Minn. I WILL personally pay her student loan myself ! I will start by pressing charges FOR ” TREASON ” ! This POS mu slime has done nothing but make a mockery of Our CONSTITUTION, OUR LAWS and THE Position of ELECTED OFFICIAL and Those Charges are punishable BY DEATH ! This piece of garbage should face a FIREING Squad ! The STINKIN TRAITOR TRASH democrats in D.C. want to impeach OUR DULY ELECTED PRESIDENT for WHAT ?? SOME MADE UP CHARGES !! YET they have TEAMED UP WITH A KNOWN TERRORIST SYMPATHIZER and A NATION OF TERRORISTS !! islam IS ANTITHETICAL TO THE UNITED STATES !! THAT piece of GARBAGE the koran IS FILLED WITH ” HATE SPEECH “! it calls for THE DEATH OF ANYONE THAT IS NOT AN Islamist !! They STINKIN democrats knew that BY LAW , islam, IS PROHIBITED FROM IMMIGRATING TO THE UNITED STATES ! islam and mu slimes ARE ENEMIES OF THE CONSTITUTION and THE AMERICAN WAY of LIFE !! EFFIN Facebook pulled my post for posting THAT IMMIGRATION LAW saying it was HATE SPEECH ! IT IS PUBLIC LAW 414. To read this law follow the link below and get educated before th STINKIN democrats sell us all out. clinton knew this Law when he put all those STINKIN refugees in Minn. and enabled them to gain CITIZENSHIP, following their civil war in somalia. ( remember BLACK HAWK DOWN ) Based on a true event the movie showed what AMERICAN Soldiers sacrificed and ilhan belittled them for saving her and her family ! I WISHED THE SOLDIERS WOULD HAVE LET THEM ALL DIE ! Educate yourselves on the Law and maybe we can DEFEAT THEM and the STINKIN democrats before it is too late !! TRUMP/PENCE 2020 ! KAG Keep AMERICA GREAT

  4. This anti-American, anti-Semitic, pro Islamic jihad disgrace to illegal or legal immigrants is not entitled to damn thing! She has already taken more than she will ever deserve or earn! We need to demand investigation into her status and get her the hell out of this country that she hates so much!! Sincerely, American citizens!!

  5. New Evidence supports that Omar ”attended the same college with her brother-husband”, so does she expect Americans to pay his college debts, too?!
    And the Dems continue to uphold their anti-American, anti-Semite, adulteress freeloader.

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