Omarosa Is Clearly Trying to Take Down the President


Omarosa is doing whatever she can to destroy President Trump. Since she was taping him even during the campaign, one might suspect she began writing her book then too. Whatever her motivations, she is an extremely nasty and vindictive woman who is now a media darling. That’s the same media who once hated her.

Today, she said John Kelly handled the Puerto Rican situation badly which isn’t true, but it’s something the left wants to hear. It’s a talking point.

The former reality clown told Kathy Tur that she has talked to Mueller’s office, and “there was a lot of corruption” in the campaign and the administration.

It’s clear she does want to take down the President.

According to her, Trump knew about hacked emails before they were released. Does she have any information or is she just on a devil’s mission? The woman didn’t provide proof yet, but no matter what she says against Trump, no matter how deceitful or defamatory, it’s okay with the left.

Katy Tur pressed her for specifics but she offered none for now. If there was collusion, would Trump have let Kelly fire her? Would he be beating her up on Twitter if she had the goods? Could he be that foolhardy?

Obviously, he was hopeful she would move on gracefully, but she can’t, she’s money hungry and very nasty.

Manigault is seriously damaging the United States but she doesn’t care. While this is going on, the President can’t get his job done.

Jon Karl asked some good questions of Sarah Sanders at the presser today which she answered well. It sounds like John Kelly had Omarosa’s number from day one.

Perhaps the President needs to ignore her and let her go away. Manigault is a temporary problem. She’ll likely burn out. Her personality is awful and she’s been caught in several lies in the last day alone.

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