OMG, Hillary Defends Her “Friend” Al Franken, Wants Him Praised for Apologizing


Hillary stuck up her good, accountable “friend” Al Franken during her interview with Rita Cosby Saturday. She sequed into Roy Moore and Donald Trump to say they were much worse.

The difference between Franken and Moore and Trump is Al Franken admitted guilt and there is hard evidence.

She wants Franken praised for his “accountability” and for the fact that he apologized.

“Look, Al Franken, you know, he’s a friend of mine. And I deeply regret, uh, what he did, there’s no excuse for his behavior. None at all. But he’s called for an investigation, he’s apologized to the woman involved. Apparently she accepted the apology.

So I think we have got to recognize that he agreed to an ethics investigation. It will go to the ethics committee. It will investigate whatever the situation, uh, was. And they’ll decide what, if any, actions should be taken based on that behavior. And I think that’s the appropriate process because, you know, I think that something like that coming in to the public arena, and Al’s very quick acceptance of responsibility and apology, and his willingness to be investigated, and to take the consequences, is the kind of accountability I’m talking about.

I don’t hear that from Roy Moore or Donald Trump. Do you?”

Maybe they’re innocent Hillary!

It also should be noted that the ethics committee in Congress is meaningless. They do nothing more than make a proclamation.

Aren’t you surprised they haven’t blamed Franken’s victim for falling asleep and causing him to behave like a lech?



  1. Democrats get to apologize and Republicans get to resign. Republicans are instantly guilty without proof, Democrats get to wait until there’s any proof. Talk about double standards!

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