This is alarming! Ilhan Omar’s followers are gaslighting her critics & the President


If you vote for Democrats, this is what you have to look forward to, gaslighting, hate, anti-white racism, anti-Christian hate, and lies. Don’t doubt it. Look at what they now stand for and look at what the Democrat candidates are promoting. While you are at it, consider the insane responses below coming from Ilhan Omar’s followers. Speaker Pelosi fully supports Omar, but more on that at the end.


Jack Dorsey is allowing #IStandWithIlhanOmar to trend. There aren’t too many conservative tweets. The thread is filled with comments by angry Progressives.

The thread and the comments are in response to the President’s clip that he posted after OMAR dishonored 9/11.

Ilhan Omar recently presented the 9/11 attacks as humdrum and acted as if the real issue was a backlash on Muslims. There was almost none, but the radical Islamists like Omar want us to believe Americans reacted viciously and in a retaliatory manner. They — RADICAL Islamists — play the victims. It works for them.

Omar is not smart or clever, but she is devious and committed to a very far left ideology. Her compatriots will always defend her. They want to be in power and they stick together.

The President tweeted appropriately in response to her callousness:

There is nothing wrong with what he said. It’s not racist. She is racist. He didn’t say anything hateful. She has though.

Her followers decided to gaslight anyone who thinks Omar was wrong. Democrat Progressives are crazy makers. They turn their faults on their opponents and make the opposition think they are the crazy ones.

Look at some of the responses, out of thousands just like them:

The first tweet from George Takei is irrational. This is nothing like the internment, of course, which was done by their beloved Democrat President FDR.

This next tweet is not true.

Disagreeing with Omar is not Islamophobia, but Maurice here wants you to think it is.

Again, none of this has anything to do with race.

The President is doing no such thing. It should be noted that Barbara Lee is extremely far left and a big fan of the Castros.

There is nothing moderate about Omar or the Progressives, but Wajahat wants you to think otherwise.

Good grief on this next one.

This next tweet is bizarre and hyperbolic.


These Omar minions are nuts or stupid or both. There is nothing wrong with the President’s tweet. They’re the crazy ones. This is our future under Progressive Democratic rule. It’s coming if they have anything to say about it. They are Orwellian.

Speaker Pelosi did stick up for 9/11, but she did it by insulting the President. She tweeted: The memory of 9/11 is sacred ground, and any discussion of it must be done with reverence. The President shouldn’t use the painful images of 9/11 for a political attack.

It’s not a political attack. He was sticking up for the 9/11 victims. Pelosi should censure Omar.

You see what she did. She turned it on the President. Don’t forget, she also put Omar, AOC, Maxine Waters, Rashida Tlaib, Pramila Jayapal, Ayanna Pressley on important committees. She is one with them and it’s what she wants. It was Pelosi who said she wanted to win at all costs. Pelosi is a very far left woman.

Don’t listen to any words of moderation she might say, look at what she does. If she keeps defending these radical women, it should make it easier for the right in 2020.

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4 years ago

Correction: Pentagon ‘near’ DC, not in DC.

No Sympathy, No Mercy
No Sympathy, No Mercy
4 years ago

She celebrates what her comrades did when the cameras are off. No sympathy for Minnesotastan and certainly no dime will ever be spent there. I will add days to a trip just to avoid the steaming pile known as Minnesotastan.

4 years ago

The Dem presidential candidates have come out in support of Omar and her disrespectful statement: “… some people did something …”

On 9/11/2001, in NYC, “some people” were holding their babies & children closely, while their two hijacked planes were deliberately crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center; some people were calling their loved ones because they knew that they were going to perish on those planes, or perish in the collapsing, fiery buildings; some people were jumping to their deaths from those tall buildings to keep from being burned alive; some people, on the streets, were fleeing from the collapsing buildings, fire and smoke; brave firefighters and police officers rushed toward the danger to help some people, and 400 of those heroes lost their lives; some 189 people were killed by a third hijacked plane at the Pentagon in DC; and some brave passengers and crew on United Airlines Flight 93 tried to regain control of the fourth plane, but it crashed in a PA field and 40 people perished.
Some Islamist terrorist committed suicide to murder some innocent people; and in some Islamic countries, “some people” were passing out candy in celebration of America’s death and destruction.
NEVER FORGET “some people” on 9/11/2001.