On Joe’s Malarkey tour, he lied about spending time with Kim Jong-un


The former Vice President under Barack Obama, Joe Biden claimed on the campaign trail that he spent lots of time with Kim Jong-un although he spent no time with him. He never met him.

Biden boldly lied during a campaign stop in Iowa Saturday. Joe bragged to a teeny, tiny roomful of supporters that authoritarian leaders like Kim Jong Un will never fool him because he knows who they are at their core.

“You’re gonna have to assume that position from the moment they are sworn in on January the 20th and know the rest of the world knows that person — in this case, me — and that I know them,” Biden boasted.

Joe continued:  “Putin has no illusions about whether I know him or not. Kim Jong Un is another person [who knows] whether I know him or not. The same with Xi Jinping. I’ve spent a lot of time with these folks. They know, they know [me]” Biden said.

He never met Kim and Barack never met Kim. President Trump, on the other hand, opened talks with the brutal monster in an attempt to improve the situation. It has.

If Biden wins, and they know him as he says, we are in big trouble. He’s a liar and there is something wrong with his mind.


This follows the re-release of his hot, hairy legs-children jumping in his lap-and-learning about roaches speech. This clip below is from his Corn Pop speech in Delaware in 2017.

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