On the Possible Demise of the DNC 



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Here’s the ultimate proof that Democrats’ efforts to smear Trump as a racist have failed: polls show American blacks and Hispanics are ignoring the smears and agree with the president’s policies.

If Democrats lose these key groups, while showing America just how radical their party has become, they not only will lose the election big time, they may well be doomed as a viable party.

David Catron reports, in an American Spectatorarticle, that polls show President Trump is supported by a surprising percentage of Hispanics and blacks. He writes that a January Marist poll had shown 50 percent of Hispanics supported Trump. This was repeated three months later in a McLaughlin & Associates survey.

A Zogby survey from August 9 –August 12, 2019 showed Trump had “record support with African Americans.”

There are factors at play beyond the economic benefits these two groups are enjoying from the Trump economy.

Unrecognized by Dem fanatics is the fact that blacks and Hispanics are the two most religious groups in America, while the Party clearly despises religion. The Atlanta Black Star reports that a Pew Research poll found 79 percent of blacks and 77 percent of Hispanics are religious. Only 70 percent of whites are.

These two groups are also just as proud to be Americans as anyone else, in spite of the Media’s efforts. The Democrats have demonstrated to one and all that they are critical of America, and have opposed any efforts by the President to control the mass migration of thousands of people unhappy with life in Central America. Large numbers have applied for refugee status which they are not entitled to or simply swarm across our southern border.

A number of its front runners are actually calling for the abolishment of ICE.

Equally appalling is the Democrats’ intention, stated at a debate, of making free health care available to illegals. That means that some American citizens who can’t afford health insurance will have to pay with their taxes to insure illegal aliens.

Democrats are also driving away their third most loyal group: the Jews, who know the Party supports its two clearly anti-Semitic members, and has called for cutting aid to Israel for refusing to admit them to “Palestine,” wherever that is. Israeli law forbids entrance to people supporting BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions).

The visit was sponsored by the Jew-hating group, Miftah, which recently circulated a cartoon showing PM Netanyahu and President Trump silencing Tlaib and Omar.

Few in the Media have reported that the cartoon won second prize in Iran’s annual holocaust denial contest.

The two women have made no secret of their opposition to the existence of Israel.

All of America—except white supremacist groups—know that opposing our ally Israel is obviously a guise for anti-Semitism. That’s because all of America also knows that opposing Israel is equivalent to supporting terrorism.

The death of the Democratic Party would allow for the rise of a true moderate party and a conservative party.


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