Once Deported Illegal Alien Allegedly Shoots Transgender 6x, Posts Bond & Disappears


Domingo Ramirez-Cayente

“Domingo Ramirez-Cayente, 29, deported in 2010, was arrested Sept. 24 and charged with aggravated assault the Dallas Morning News reported. He reportedly admitted to shooting Daniela Calderon, 35, six times in the chest, stomach, and hip.”

Ramirez-Cayente is a Mexican citizen living in the U.S. illegally, and now being sought by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Calderon said he screamed homophobic and transphobic slurs during the attack.  

But rather than being held in police custody, somehow, inexplicably, the felon who was an obvious flight risk was allowed to post $25,000 and released!  While Dallas prosecutors wanted him to be given an ankle monitor, terms of his bail were set before they could make that case.

“The magistrate set the bond at $25,000 with no ELM (electronic leg monitor). As soon as the D.A.’s Office was made of aware of the low bond, we moved to amend the conditions of bond to include a monitoring device; unfortunately, the defendant had already fled,” Kimberlee Leach, a spokeswoman for the Dallas County District Attorney’s office, told the news outlet.”

So to recap: Domingo Ramirez-Cayente makes himself a felon by illegally returning to the United States after being deported.  He then is alleged to have shot a transgender and committing a hate crime.  Yet with all that on his rap sheet he’s allowed to walk out the door and disappear.  

It’s these kinds of all too frequent stories highlighting dangerous illegal immigrants being returned to the streets, that has Americans scratching their heads, and calling for both tougher border security, and more serious internal enforcement of our laws.


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