One Less Kidnapper-Rapist in Tulsa Today


Luis Arreguin-Lara was wanted on felony warrants for kidnapping and brutally raping a woman when Tulsa police fatally shot him.

Police in Tulsa shot Arreguin-Lara after he attempted to shoot them.

At about 2:30 p.m., last month, Tulsa police stopped to assist a disabled vehicle, KTUL reported. The woman in the car said she had car trouble and her ex-boyfriend went to get a part to fix it.

“She said she was experiencing problems with her wheels, a lug nut had fallen off,” Tulsa Police Sergeant Shane Tuell told KTUL. “She said her ex-boyfriend had gone to get something to fix it, and he was on his way back.”

Police then spotted drug paraphernalia and she said it belonged to her ex-boyfriend, 50-year-old Luis Arreguin-Lara, KOTV reported.

The officer told the woman that she was being detained while he searched her vehicle and then put her in handcuffs, the video showed.

The officer found glass pipes. Then Arreguin-Lara rolled up on his bike with a tire iron. He was told to get off the bike and drop the tire iron which he did at first until he reached to his right and pulled out a gun and aimed it at police. He might have gotten a shot off.

That’s when police shot him dead.

Arreguin-Lara was wanted for kidnapping and brutal rape and sodomy of a woman he locked in a storage bin. He blocked her inside with his car. Arreguin-Lara’s wife found her and helped her escape.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

Correction: This was Tulsa, not Phoenix as we originally reported.



  1. As many rounds as they shot, and the man still moved? Birdshot? More range time needed? Where did the misses go? Thanks, officers, glad you’re all uninjured.

  2. Something doesn’t add up here. Obviously, those cops were wary of the bike guy. Not enough background information for my understanding of why this ended in a gun fight. Bike man was ten star stupid to pull a gun. I just think what if it had been me on the bike and was pulling out my wallet to show the cops my ID. Too, fast on the shoot unless they knew more than we do from this article and video.

    • Read the back ground story,. cops knew who he was, what he was and that he would be armed. Not a fan of police shootings, but this time they were in the right.

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