One of Donald Trump’s Accusers Has the Same Number as the Clinton Foundation



We have updates at the end, don’t miss them

Jessica Leeds, now much older at 74 than she was when the incident occurred, alleged that Trump had molested her over three decades ago. She met Trump on a flight to New York in the 1980s, and was seated beside him when the alleged assault took place. She said his arms were all over her, “he was like an octopus, hands all over the place…”

Ms. Leeds wording is the wording of a sexual assault case from two years ago and her number is the same as the Clinton Foundation – curious. Snopes says this is false.

She fled to her original seat – she had been switched to first class and went back to passenger seating – but she never told anyone.

The media now has five eight of these women and it’s exactly what they did to Herman Cain. His attackers disappeared after he dropped out.

Why does Ms. Leeds have the same number as the Clinton Foundation? More of the dirty politics of the Clintons? Or is this a Soros brain child?


  1. You are bad people for writing this. Trump is a bad person. You know that. Please reflect on your life choices and get back to us.

    • You are not wise to believe this crap. I have oceanfront property to sell you in Arizona! You really think Trump would hit on her when he can have a Melania?! Not…not even 30 years ago. If she wasn’t brave enough to speak up then, why is she brave enough just at this very moment when he is more powerful? Only one reason…lying for politics!!! She’s a liar with a Clinton Foundation phone number. Stay focused on the presidential issues…go Trump!!!

    • And, you think the clinton’s are NOT bad people??? Boy, you have allowed the wool to be pulled over your eyes. Pretty sad.

  2. It’s all lies. At 44, you didn’t speak up then…or until now when he is even more powerful, but you have the courage now? I don’t think so. I think Trump would hit on better women anyway. And you have the same phone number as Clinton Foundation and used a song’s lyrics for your wording. Regardless, Clinton has done worse…I don’t lose focus and don’t get distracted so easily from the main issues our president will face. Go Trump!!!

    • It’s so sad that these people will come out and just lie.. She is being paid by the Clintons…no doubt in my mind. All these so called people that were fondled or what ever they have to say is so absurd that is funny . If they think their life will be the same after this . They are so wrong. I feel sorry for Chelsea …she has to live with what her parents have done for the rest of her life

  3. You are part of the sheeple problem. Hillary Clinton and most everyone in her circle are actual “bad” people. Murders, rapists and the like. Try pulling your cranium out of your rectum, it’s not a hat.

  4. Shame on this grandma, I see her picture now , sad . Just look at her lying wrinkles face. What you reap you will sow! I was a democratic and because of OB I denounce that devil party. I stand for what left of American with the party of moral values. Abortions is a slient kill. Brain wash will lawless and a ob that was raise as a kid without America. God is restoring this land for a time a fresh season. Save American vote for Trump. Trump did not do it. America will be taken off the face of the earth with a vote for hillliary.Lair ob+gbang////tfiwh.

  5. UPDATE, just uncovered a picture taken many years ago with a young Ms. Leeds yucking it up with guess who ….
    Hillary Clinton.

    Kevin Jackson featured an article on The Black Sphere more than a month ago about Media Matters and top DNC operatives offering reward money for women willing to accuse Trump. The offer also included up to 5 MILLION dollars for legal fees to cover the law suits … bound to come because the accusations are PURE BULL CRAP.

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