One of Nadler’s Constitutional Scholars Lied Under Oath


The impeachment hearings on Wednesday before chair Jerrold Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee were a circus. Nadler invited three rabid Trump-hating law professors who only came to insist the President had to be impeached for a phone call.

One of the ‘scholars,’ Harvard professor Noah Feldman, claimed he was an impeachment skeptic until the Ukraine call between President Trump and President Zelensky but he’s a liar. That statement was untrue.


Feldman wrote, in the past and on different occasions, that the President could be impeached for: calling the MSM fake news; for a Mar-A-Lago ad that showed up on a government website; for pardoning Sheriff Arpaio; for criticizing President Obama in a tweet for wiretapping him; and over the debunked BuzzFeed story about Trump directing Michael Cohen to lie under oath.

He was actually trying to get the President impeached within two months of the President’s inauguration.

But there he was yesterday claiming he was an impeachment skeptic until the Ukraine call in July 2019.

Feldman was well aware that impeachment was a Democratic effort to overturn the 2016 election.

In one article he authored, he said House Democrats see impeachment as a method by which Donald Trump’s chances of winning in 2020 could be weakened.

“Since the 2018 midterm election, House Democrats have made it painfully clear that discussing impeachment is primarily or even exclusively a tool to weaken Trump’s chances in 2020. You almost never hear a Democrat say, “We have a moral duty to impeach even if it will cost us the election in 2020.” Rather, the idea of impeachment and the idea of electoral advantage have become inextricably entwined,” he wrote.

Yet, he is cooperating with it.

Feldman, as with Professors Karlan and Gerhardt who also appeared, was not a fact witness, just someone offering his opinion in a nasty and condescending manner.



  1. Americans tend to root for the underdog, no matter how tarnished. I think a lot of independent voters are lining up behind Trump because of these 24/7 attacks.

  2. Uh, a leftist prof lying? Tell me it ain’t so. That is all they got and they’ll go with it. To their detriment, of course.
    So many petards(lies) to die upon, which will finally finish them off once and for all. If possible.
    Just sayin’.

  3. Since the Socialists college professors began brain washing our college youth, the hammer and sickle of Socialism has been promoted. The only reason the Democrats want free college for all kids, is to indoctrinate more kids. They talk down Capitolism, showing only bad people. There are good and bad in every group of people. Even the Socialist Party has bad people. Case in point, Adolf Hitler’s and his Nazi SS Socialist Party. When Russia fell to Socialism Hitler watched as 60 million people died for the change of Socialism. We can look at all the nation’s that fell to Socialism. Russia, Germany, China, North Korea, Cuba, North Vietnam and with the help of college professors and the student disciples, South Vietnam fell to the these Socialists. Known to many as Communism, as Socialists to others, they have no moral values and to tell lies has served them well. How many hundreds of millions have dies around the world, for the spread of Socialism?

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