One of Nancy’s, Chuck’s Illegal Aliens Sets Fire to a Hangar at LukeAFB


According to ABC15 in Glendale, police report that around 8:30 p.m. on December 12, they were contacted by security at the Luke Air Force base after they had detained a man near a hangar.

One of Chuck’s & Nancy’s Wonderful Illegal Aliens

Illegal alien Francisco Manzano, 33 years of age, jumped the security fence and climbed onto a hangar roof of the Arizona base.

He then allegedly used his shoes and a spray deodorant to start a fire on the rooftop.

Manzano lied and told police he was chased by several men. No one else was anywhere near the area.

He admitted to “using numerous types of drugs,” including cocaine and meth.

This prize specimen, this wonderful immigrant, the godly human, will now be supported in prison by the U.S. taxpayer.

According to FAIR, we spend about $1.24 billion annually on incarceration of illegal aliens, ‘god’s creatures’ as Nancy Pelosi would say.


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4 years ago

Send the bill to Chuck and Nancy since they like these kinds of people to stay in America.

4 years ago

That’s god with a little “g”…then that would be correct.
Nancy and her gang don’t worship the true and living God.
No, they worship man’s “g”od. A pagan “g”od or “g”ods.
A “g”od of disorder and chaos…and who’s the father of
confusion and chaos ? Well none other than satan himself.
The progressives, which is a buzz word for communism,
they’re mostly atheists. But those who do claim a religion,
well that would be any number of man’s making. Example,
marxism, replacement theology, statism, and to include
hundreds of others.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

Her little angels are really minions of Satan in full control of them.