One School District’s Turmoil Over Illegal Alien Students


The leadership of Hempstead Public Schools face being charged by the NYS Department of Education with ‘willful neglect of duty’ for not being able to efficiently handle the impossible job of placing hundreds of illegal alien children summarily dumped on them by the government.

The ‘generous’ government that opened the doors to so many illegal alien children in this sanctuary state dumped them on school districts and told them to take care of them.

The district has not been able to place the more than what administrators say are 1500 illegal foreign children who showed up last year.

Illegal immigration has victimized the children currently living in Hempstead. There are 50 children in a class – 50 – and hundreds still have not been placed. The excess have been put in a makeshift alternative school set up temporarily.

Many if not all of the new students will need special help, at least ESL, which is an expensive program.

When the school year began, 30 children were reportedly on a wait list. By October, Superintendent Susan Johnson and School Board President Lamont Johnson (no relation) opened the transition school to deal with the situation until placements could be made – all the children need screening and there are serious language barriers.

Hempstead schools

Lamont Johnson leans over Susan Johnson at a school board meeting.

ACORN, which is entrenched in the area, demanded instant resolutions. They are now pleased that the state department of education is coming down on the district. They are not a rational organization, they’re simply far-left community organizers.

On February 17, Albany sent an ultimatum in the form of a letter to the Superintendent and Board president informing them that the leaders of the district will be removed if they don’t quickly assess the abilities of the foreign children and enroll them. The district must discontinue the use of wait lists though the district says there are no wait lists.

“Failure to complete each of the above actions result in removal from office pursuant to Education Law 306,” the letter stated.

It would be considered “willful violation or neglect of duty or the willful disobedience of a law or a decision, order or regulations of the commissioner or rule of the Board of Regents,” according to the state department of education.

The Superintendent and the Board president will simply have to dump the students in overcrowded classes to comply unless some funds are forthcoming from the already burdened taxpayers. Evaluators will be pushed to make placement decisions they’re not ready to make.

ACORN Director, Lucas Sanchez, said the state’s threat is long overdue. “We wish they would have said this in October when the original wait list of 33 students was made public.”

At the same time the people in the community are complaining about the district not placing the allegedly 1500 instant students who will need special help programs, the community is also complaining about overcrowding.

Twenty school districts were reported to be blocking access to foreign children by asking for documents such as social security numbers. The attorney general has reached agreement with those districts – the foreign chldren don’t have to present documentation.

The charge is that these districts are resisting illegal immigrant children but it is the government that has made the situation what it is.


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