One Small Way Obamacare Hurts Seniors


obamacare helping seniors out

Cartoon photo of Mr. Obama helping an elderly woman into an open grave

There are many critical ways in which seniors are being hurt by Obamacare starting with the $716 billion cut in future payments to doctors and hospitals and the fines on hospitals who admit the same senior into the hospital more than once in a month. Not enough can be said about Medicare’s use of the comparative effectiveness research model as the way to determine who gets what help. Instead of doctors and patients making the decisions about what healthcare remedies and medications are to be used, the CER model will decide.

There are many smaller changes too that will hurt seniors and one of them is the change in doctor visits allowed by Medicare. Prior to Obamacare, seniors had two physicals a year funded by Medicare. Now they have two doctor visits, but one isn’t a physical, it’s an invasive questionnaire.

It’s called a ‘preventive’ visit but wouldn’t an actual physical be more preventive?

There is an introductory, one-time ‘welcome to Medicare’ visit. It’s a one-shot deal. After that it’s an annual physical and a wellness visit.

The yearly ‘wellness’ visits substitute for the second physical seniors once had. The doctor is directed to give you a personalized prevention help plan (just a plan, no help) to prevent disease and disability.

You have to fill out a ‘health risk assessment’ questionnaire. The nosy questions ask for your medical and family history, all providers and scrips, height, weight, blood pressure, signs of cognitive impairment, risk factors, health advice, a screening schedule, et al.

They want to know if you are depressed, sad, if you feel you have enough help at home, if you feel secure, and if you feel your needs are being me. The doctor is then supposed to play social worker. If you say you are depressed, the medical doctor has nothing to offer you because this is only a useless ‘wellness’ visit after all. My doctor said he has no idea what he is supposed to do about most of what is on the questionnaire since the questions don’t apply to his specialty

My suggestion is to tell them nothing because it could be used later on in determining your worth when decisions are made about your healthcare.

We all get to pay for useless wellness visits for seniors instead of the actual two physicals a year they used to get.

Instead of actual help, it’s all about screenings – to the extreme – that are supposed to prevent health problems from arising.

We all have to be covered for this, no matter our age, just like we have to pay for aspirin for everyone of certain ages to prevent cardiovascular disease (people should buy their own dang $4 bottle of aspirin). We all have to be covered for maternity, birth control, sterilizations, substance abuse counseling and treatment, diet screening and counseling for the obese, all sex screenings everything, cholesterol screenings, diabetes screenings, depression screenings, alcohol misuse screenings, hemoglobin screenings for children, HIV screenings for ages 15-65, violence screening and counseling, and so much more.

Government is inefficient and a poor master of one’s health. This is just one more small example of that.


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