One White Farmer Killed in South Africa Every Five Days


Every five days, a white farmer is murdered in South Africa and authorities are doing nothing about it. Authorities are giving tacit approval and police are turning a blind eye according to activists.

There have been 109 murders this year, 15 farm murders. In other words, one farmer is murdered every five days. There have been 90 recorded attacks against white farmers in 2018.

Lawmakers passed a motion last month approving the seizure of white farmers’ land without compensation. Activists say it has been a catalyst for the murders.

The government denies the excessive violence in the rural areas and President Cyril Ramaphosa says there will be no seizure of white-owned farms. We won’t be looking at what happened in Zimbabwe in 1994 also happening in South Africa – he claims.

The Attacks Are Horrific

Gabriel Stols, 35, told the Independent how his younger brother Kyle, 21, was shot dead by four people on a game reserve near Bloemfontein.

“What is happening to us is torture, it is slaughter, it is brutal, it is revenge. The world doesn’t know what is happening in South Africa,” he said.

“If I cry, my own people tell me I am a coward,” Stols told The Independent. “If I hate, people tell me I am from apartheid and if I get mad, they say I am a racist.”

Rapes are also common. One woman described to The Independent how she was gang-raped by three men who invaded her family home.

Many farmers are tortured for hours in the cruelest ways before they are killed.

Meanwhile, Australian Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton, said he would push for his country to grant visas to white farmers, should they be displaced.

There is also an online petition asking President Trump to give visas to the farmers under siege.

The recommendation to seize the land of white farmers came from Julius Malema, President of the violent communist group, the Economic Freedom Fighters. He has also called for cutting the throats of the white man. It would “teach white men a lesson,” he says.

In this clip, he calls for removing the mayor of one locale:

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4 years ago

Remove the White folks and then allow nature and the natural barbaric tendencies of the Negro sub-species to whittle away at their numbers via war, murder and brutality and the lack of a modern infrastructure where technology can keep disease and pestilence away. Remove civilizations influence upon the natural state of affairs and I expect the Negro sub-species to eventually become extinct.

Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
4 years ago

Pathetic turn of events following years of successful conciliation

4 years ago

Rhodesia had a similar bloodbath.

Tim Shepperson
Tim Shepperson
4 years ago

Cut off all money to these commies and get the white populace out to safety and that country will turn to crap in six months.