Online Dictionaries Are Changing the Meaning of the Word “Patriot”


The Internet is a fount of information and at the same time, it is a sewer of deceit and misleading “facts”, but did you know it might also be changing the language under the guise of serving as a dictionary?

This is a form of fake news previously unmentioned.

We have one example but other words need to be carefully examined.

When you google the word “patriot”, you will get synonyms: nationalist, loyalistchauvinist, jingoist, flag-waver and a sample sentence,  “would a true patriot abandon a comrade?”


The power thesaurus has a whole host of synonyms including: jingoist, guerrilla, hundred percent, socialist, vigilante, communist, cosmopolite.

“Socialist”? “Communist”? Some on the hard-left might consider themselves patriots but, a synonym? includes: hard hat, communist, chauvinist, irregular et al.

“Irregular”? “Communist”?

WordHippo included: xenophobe.

A xenophobe is a xenophobe and there’s nothing patriotic about being a “xenophobe”.

All of them included “flag-waver” which became a negative decades ago for no good reason. They all include “partisan” which, unfortunately, has altered the meaning of the word. Patriotism should never be “partisan”.

In what world is a “communist” or a “socialist” a”patriot”?

This topic requires further study. Without sounding conspiratorial, are some on the far-left changing the meanings of words?

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