Only 2 of 15 Americans are Aware of Soaring Illegal Immigration


Nearly a half-million illegal aliens have crossed our borders so far this year and that doesn’t count the unknown numbers of others who aren’t caught. It doesn’t matter if they are caught. They are quickly released into the interior where they hide out until the next amnesty. Many are criminals, and some are terrorists. Most Americans don’t know about this.

Bill O’Reilly reported that he can’t confirm the survey results by Breitbart. Since then, Breitbart published the raw data, confirming their story.

Less than 2-in-15 American Voters Are Aware of Astounding Levels of Illegal Immigration to the U.S.

Less than two-in-fifteen American voters are aware of the soaring levels of illegal immigration across the United States-Mexico border, a new survey finds.

When Americans were asked how many illegal aliens are arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, only about 13 percent answered correctly, and 76 percent believe that immigration levels are vastly lower than they actually are.

There were nearly 100,000 border apprehensions in April alone, which puts illegal immigration at the southern border on track to exceed every year of illegal immigration under former President Obama.

With the way things are going, the projected number of apprehensions by the end of the fiscal year are set to reach a million or more.

When voters were told there were more than 100,000 border apprehensions in the last month, about 52 percent said they supported President Trump’s decision to declare a national emergency at the southern border.

The more we get, the fewer chances Americans have of ever stopping it. Illegal aliens have power.

Take New Mexico as an Example of What is Going on in the Country

The far-left New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham pulled the National Guard from the border and said there was no crisis. She is also a big open borders proponent.

Ironically, her office paid $4,000 in taxpayers’ dollars to send 55 Central Americans to Denver, another liberal stronghold. She didn’t even bother asking first.

The open borders leftists in Denver are angry about it and won’t cooperate with New Mexico in the future.

Governor Michelle Grisham is reorienting the state’s priorities to encourage more illegal immigration into the state, seeing it as an alternative form of economic expansion. Apparently, she wants this for the entire country.

This goes on constantly throughout the country. Hundreds of thousands have been dropped off into various locales in the USA this year alone because there is no room in the detention centers. Democrats won’t provide more beds.

Here is one story out of Deming, New Mexico Republican Club:

Went to the meeting yesterday of what is being done with the international illegals the border patrol is dropping off in Deming NM. Originally they were to be dropped off at the McDonald’s and another location which was the Greyhound pick up points for Deming.

The city decided to open up a building at the fairgrounds to house them to keep them out of the streets of the downtown area.

My understanding as of now is that there wasn’t enough room for them and the city has also opened up an old airport hanger and a church is also taking some in.

We were told they would be processed and only be here a couple of days. Ha, ha. The only outlet for them in Deming is on a Greyhound bus which in most cases is full when it arrives here so there is limited room to take on more passengers.

City officials running this are crying for people to help, donations of food, clothing, and bedding. One rumor I heard was the illegals needing medical care are taken to the hospital at night and that the hospital is full so if a citizen goes there for medical care there are no beds for them.

Not Mexicans

They are also shipping these international illegals to Lordsburg and that small town is worse off than Deming. This crisis is a disaster for Deming, city and county workers, police, medical, fire department employees are being strapped to the max leaving our town wide open to crime.  Who knows what the impact of their diseases are going to bring to our town including TB and others.

The bleeding hearts are crying this is a humanitarian situation of Mexicans coming here.

The fact is, these are international illegals coming from foreign countries who broke the law entering our country illegally. The majority are NOT Mexican citizens.

This is going on everywhere in the USA. We are losing our culture, our politics, our economy, our society, our way of life, quickly and 13 out of 15 Americans haven’t a clue thanks to the corrupt media, social media, and Democrats. Republicans should be screaming!

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