Only CNN Could Write a Sympathetic Piece About the NM Extremist Muslims


The jihadis were planning mayhem and murder for Islam in a New Mexico compound where they were starving 11 children. They are out on bail thanks to a sympathetic Democrat judge. As conservative firebrand James Woods says, “Well, she’s an elected #Democrat judge. I wouldn’t be surprised if she threw them a party.”

There are no shortages of Democrats who will support these people, despite the dead toddler found buried in their Third World sty. The little boy died at the hands of his own terror-prone father, allegedly, during a ritual to rid him of evil spirits.


Just when it looks like the truth will come out about this camp, along comes CNN, never afraid the jump the shark if it fits some weird narrative they’re putting forward. Such is the case of an article that popped up on CNN Sunday titled, New Mexico compound family struggled with life off the grid. The piece portrays the unkempt terrorist wannabes as a struggling family just living off the grid.

Here’s an excerpt from their pandering piece:

Residents of this sparsely populated region of northern Taos County encountered members of the black Muslim family in familiar places: the gas station, the Family Dollar, the hardware store, the body shop. Little about the family members stood out, they said, apart from their dirty clothes and their skin color, a rarity in this area primarily populated by Hispanos — descendants of Spaniards who settled in the Southwest centuries ago.

Otherwise, those who met them said they seemed friendly. A resident recalled how one of the men tenderly wiped the nose of a crying child. What little the residents knew about the compound didn’t raise eyebrows in an area where many people live “in unconventional ways,” as the judge in the case has said.

Individuals from society’s periphery have long sought refuge in this part of the state, where cheap land far from the nearest power line or shopping center is easy to find.

CNN would have you believe the five running the camp are just trying to eke out a living and they’re really not so unusual.

The author quoted one resident saying, “They were unprepared for what they were doing, but we have to let the system play out to find out the truth.”

They were just “unprepared”?

It’s hard to believe anyone could write this about a group that was talking about blowing up hospitals and teaching the children to kill teachers and other enemies. But, it is CNN.

They want to find any excuse to support radical Islamic Muslims who starve their children and teach them how to kill.

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4 years ago

wow… I live out here where this happened. CNN needs to be smacked upside the head several times

4 years ago

The left gives priority to Muslims extremist and murdering illegal aliens over U.S. citizens.

4 years ago

The CIA is training these Jihadists on US soil, and CNN is covering their assets.