Ontario Judge Suspended for Wearing a Make America Great Again Hat


Hamilton Ontario Judge Bernd Zabel

Make America Great Again in Ontario Canada?

Ontario judge Bernd Zabel wore a “Make America Great Again” hat to court the day after the U.S. election. He also declared his support for president-elect Donald Trump. He is no longer hearing cases, reports News18.

Zabel “stopped being assigned to preside in court December 21, 2016,” court spokeswoman Kate Andrew told the local daily The Hamilton Spectator.

As a judge, he is supposed to be neutral but instead he spent the day vocally supporting the US president-elect in court.

Zabel, who was appointed in 1990, entered a courtroom in the Lake Ontario port city of Hamilton the day after the November 8 election wearing the Trump campaign’s trademark red cap.

Make America Great Again hats

After he was suspended, he went to the old standby excuse that he had a “lapse” in judgement and it was a “misguided attempt to mark a moment in history by humor in the courtroom.”

Scorning Impartiality

His position in the Court of Justice requires judges to fairly arbitrate between the two adversaries for justice [the Crown and the defense lawyers], the Ontario Star reported.  The role depends upon being scrupulously impartial. Judges must do everything they can to purge themselves of any biases and prejudices they have. They are expected to constantly fight against them creeping back into their conduct of proceedings and their deliberations.

His colleagues are repulsed by what they feel is his complete scorn for even the appearance of impartiality.

Zabel is near retirement and there are calls for him to retire.

Maybe he thinks the US conquered Ontario when Trump won the election.

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