Oops! Doesn’t Look Like Cohen’s Doing This on Principle


Congenital liar Michael Cohen is looking to get a break on his three-year-long prison sentence and he wants to make money off his crimes after he is released from prison. He spewed all of Lanny Davis’s talking points. It’s almost like Hillary wrote Cohen’s script.

He tried to present himself as someone who is atoning for his sins with truth and honor. Regurgitating Democrat talking points, he said that he decided to come clean, not because of a reduced prison sentence or book and movie deals, but rather his concern for America

Here are the talking points:

That is not to say that the President isn’t in danger for bank fraud or campaign finance violations. The biggest problem for Trump is whatever is going on in the Southern District of New York. But Cohen is a lying fraud and only hurt the Democrats’ case so far today.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) destroyed Cohen’s credibility on the “I flipped out of principle” issue.

The convicted perjurer wants a book and movie deals:

He’s planning to ask for a reduction in his sentence:

He will not rule out book deals.


Michael Cohen said he has never been to Prague or to the Czech Republic and he said there is no Trump love child. He also paid off people for Trump who had no legitimate claim just to make them go away.

The left won’t like that.

Cohen said the story about Trump giving a penthouse to Vladimir Putin was a publicity stunt thought up the Russian oligarch — Slater. Cohen didn’t know of any other Russian criminals who had contact with Trump.

The left won’t like that.

Cohen did present a $35,000 check to the Committee and said Trump gave it to him to pay off Stormy. Okay, where is the proof?


Cohen also sounded ridiculous when he said Trump never expected to win and he started the President’s campaign in 2011.

The entire fiasco today appears to be an attempt to find grounds for impeachment. If that is the case, it’s a big fail.


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John Vieira
John Vieira
4 years ago

The man, like those who put together these spectacles, is a dishonest ASS!!! His opening remark about Trump being racist because he “allegedly” said that “…they did not vote for him because they were “stupid” kind of begs the question…is stupidity equated to racism…think not but it damn sure CAN be equated to those he has now opted to “please” to try and save his sorry pathological lying a**e…

Claudia L. Dickerman
Claudia L. Dickerman
4 years ago

OMG, I listened in on this debacle and I had the very same reaction….that Cohen sounded like a hybrid creature made up of Lanny Davis, Hillary Clinton, and the talking heads of the DNC. just saying……….All one has to do is look at the man’s face and you can see that he is literally DESTROYED at being in the mess he is in. He looks like a hound dog after some serious whipping. Everyone who has been around Trump at any time is doing whatever they can to capitalize financially off even the slightest interactions. Of course Cohen will have a ghost writer soon for a book and hopes that Hollywood will be jumping to make it into a movie. The financial gains from those two things might get back all the money is has either had seized or has had to pay for legal services.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
4 years ago

A showcase of blunders, pure lies, Clinton directives, and disinformation.