OOPs! My Bad! Oceans Are Not Warming 60% Faster After All


A hysterical climate study claiming the oceans were warming much faster than originally thought has been debunked. Researchers admitted there were mathematical errors – right on the first page.

The study published by the journal Nature on Oct. 31 by researchers at Princeton University and UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography claimed the oceans were warming at a rate 60 percent higher than previously thought.

However, a mathematical error discovered by independent climate scientist Nic Lewis after he perused the study’s first page has led the journal to retract its key finding. The study has a much larger margin of error, making their findings of a 60 percent increase in ocean warming less precise, and actually between 10 percent and 70 percent.

Obviously, the study is now meaningless.

The lead researcher does admit its findings are practically meaningless, with a margin of error “too big now to really weigh in” on ocean temperatures. “We really muffed the error margins”.

But why, oh why, are the errors only in one direction?

Media widely reported it without fact-checking it. This paper was actually peer-reviewed and no one caught the errors. Even without the math errors, their findings cannot justify the conclusions, according to Nic Lewis.

“Of course, it is also very important that the media outlets that unquestioningly trumpeted the paper’s findings now correct the record too,” Lewis added. “But perhaps that is too much to hope for.”

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