OOPs! Yearbook Staff Questions Gov Northam’s Recent Story


Governor Northam is still resisting resigning and, now with the next two Democrats in line dealing with their own issues, he can probably hang onto his office.

A former staffer on Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s medical school yearbook cast doubts on his claim of not knowing how a photo showing a man in KKK garb and another in blackface ended up on his page.

Dr. William Elwood, who was a page designer for the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook in 1984, told CNN that photos for personal pages “were chosen by the individual student.”

They put them in a sealed envelope with their name on it. They are “not just chosen at random,” he said.

While it is possible someone else submitted the photo, it is not likely.

“Anything is possible, but the probability is low unless someone was out to get him and was able to get access to all this stuff,” he said. “All of this stuff was kept in a locked room, and the only time the room was unlocked was when somebody was in that room working on the yearbook.”

The next in line to take Northam’s place is Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax who has a sexual assault complaint against him. After him, it is Mark Herring, the Attorney General, who said today that he also appeared in blackface in 1980.

Is it possible to find a Democrat in Virginia who didn’t run around in blackface, support infanticide, or assault a woman?

The next in line is the Republican House speaker Kirk Cox. Insofar as we know, he has not appeared in blackface nor has he assaulted a woman. He’s a winner, let’s go with him, Virginia.

Don’t expect that to happen though. Democrats are stuck with blackface/KKK hood Northam at this point.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

They get what they deserve, a great day for the phony puritans.