Open Borders Activists Scream “Mass Deportation” Coming Based on Leaked Documents


Newly-leaked documents show that President Trump is preparing to build a border wall, hire more officers, and provide detention facilities with 33,000 a”identified” beds. Activists say he’s getting ready for mass deportations but if that were the case, 33,000 beds would hardly do it.

For those of us who want the invasion to stop, along with the proliferation of drug cartels, this is great news.

Another leak and more internal Department of Homeland Security documents were obtained by the Washington Post. It seems DHS has opened talks with local police forces on the enforcement of national immigration law, identified strategic areas where construction can begin on Trump’s proposed border wall and identified some 33,000 more detention beds in which to house undocumented immigrants.

The preliminary draft report, which has a publish date of April 25, 2017, also outlines ways in which the agency can speed up the hiring of hundreds more Customs and Border Patrol officers, signaling the administration’s desire for a more robust Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit.

Options for speeding up such hiring processes outlined in the document include putting an end to physical fitness and polygraph tests.

This leaked after Attorney General Jeff Sessions used his power within the Justice Department to enforce the rule of law — recently announcing that cities and states protecting immigrant felons from federal immigration laws may lose federal DOJ grants.

The media has been busy reporting Trump has reversed himself on the issue, but now they have another complaint – he’s allegedly preparing for mass deportation and we live in a police state.

“This is an administration that very much is interested in setting up that mass deportation infrastructure and creating the levers of a police state,” Executive Director of the National Immigration Law Center Marielena Hincapié told the Post. “In these documents, you have more proof and evidence that they’re planning to carry it out.”

We do live in anarchy where anyone who comes over the border can collect food stamps and often other benefits; where illegals can steal IDs or forge them; and where violent criminals are protected in more than 300 towns and cities.

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