Open Borders Castro Has a Socialist Agenda & a Reconquista Mom


Julian Castro (D) on Sunday outlined his support for universal healthcare, access to pre-kindergarten education and a Green New Deal, acknowledging that wealthier individuals and corporations would be required to contribute to help fund those programs.


Castro, who on Saturday announced plans to run for president in 2020, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that he’s aware of the challenges of implementing such progressive policies, and suggested that they would require “asking wealthier individuals to pay their fair share.”

They do pay their fair share if they pay taxes. The Progressive tax system requires them to pay a lot more for the same services. There were a lot of loopholes, but they have been closed up with the Trump tax plan.

“I think that we can consider different ways, different proposals, to be able to raise more revenue from the wealthiest corporations,” he added when asked if he would raise the corporate tax rate.

In his ignorance, he recently touted a 90% tax rate in a mistaken historical context. He’s all for this type of theft.

Castro likes to say he wants to work on things that promote economic prosperity, but that is what we have going now. He not only ignores that, he demands we do the opposite.


According to Fox News, Julian Castro told New York Times Magazine that upon being elected mayor in 2009 he promptly hung in his private office a 1971 La Raza Unida City Council campaign poster that featured his mother. His mother is also clueless about the history of the Alamo and believes we stole the southwest and must give it back.

His mother Rosie helped found La Raza, The Race.

La Raza Unida is an extremely radical organization. It’s the more radical wing of the racist, La Raza. The West was stolen, Unida says, and they want it back through reconquest — Reconquista. The new land would be called Aztlan.

They strongly support open borders for obvious reasons.

During the Mexican-American war, the U.S. won all of Mexico from Spanish Conquistadors – not natives – but gave half back and paid $15 million for the land the U.S. kept.

LaRaza claims to be a peaceful movement. LaRaza Unida, a youth gang, does not make any such claim. They both want the same things only they want to go about it differently. We have gang members coming illegally into this country unimpeded to add to their numbers.

In addition, the Unida or Reconquista groups have infiltrated the open borders groups.


The agenda of the Hispanic Separatist movement: We have an aging white America. They are dying. It’s a matter of time. The explosion is in our population.” José Angel Gutiérrez spoke those words. He was an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas at Arlington at the time (and a former leader of the La Raza Unida political party).

Some of our neighbors to the south are willfully invading. They call it decolonization, but no matter what word you use, it is essentially the overthrow of the Southwest. There are many supporters of this movement who are proposing a full amnesty, no deportations, and open borders.

Illegal immigrants represent countries throughout the world, not only Mexico but the illegal migration from Mexico, for some, is a more deliberate movement.


The Mexican-American Studies curriculum in Tucson advocates the overthrow of the U.S. government. Our tax dollars are paying for instruction on how to reach our own demise.

The Tucson school superintendent wants to eliminate the Mexican-American Studies curriculum, which has been a substitute for U.S. History. The wrath of God is coming at him for his stance. The Superintendent’s findings got him into hot water.

A judge ruled against a ban on this anti-American curriculum.

According to an editorial in the Arizona Republic, the school board’s plan is not that radical (and some might argue not radical enough). The board only wants to make the classes true electives, instead of allowing them to substitute for core classes, the Blaze reported in 2011.

Mexican-American studies came to be in an effort to decrease the dropout rate.

The next clip represents the views of the supporters of decolonization (advocating the overthrow of the Southwestern United States):

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