Open Borders Castro Wants to Teach Us About People Who Are Different


CBS News touted Julian Castro’s plan to defeat white nationalism and gun violence not just through stricter gun control laws and additional funding for combatting domestic terrorism, but by investing in cross-cultural exchanges so people have a better understanding of those who are different from them.

“I think that we can catch it sooner before it actually turns into violence,” the former Housing and Urban Development secretary said.

“We can prevent it by making sure that these weapons of war are not on the street. We can also ensure that we have better tools to investigate something once it happens. I think, when we’re talking about changing the hearts and the minds of people that are headed down the road of white nationalism, that means that we have to be better about ensuring that people are exposed to different ideas and different types of people in our country.”

Is this guy for real. It’s not about them being different. The borders are open and the world is coming in, but Castro, a very far-left politician, son of LaRaza Rosie, has another goal. He is supporting the Democrat objective, which is a one-party electoral majority.

He railed against white nationalism, suggesting it’s the President and his supporters.

Castro, who has no chance of winning the Democrat primary, is campaigning and fundraising off the murders of 22 people in El Paso. Law enforcement confirmed today that the El Paso killer did admit he was targeting Mexicans. That was the impetus for Castro to declare that white nationalism is on the rise. However, the killer also said he was not a white supremacist, but that doesn’t interest Castro.

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