Open Borders Geraldo Goes Bonkers Over Criticism by Texas’ Lt. Gov.


An unhinged Geraldo Rivera showed up on The Story with Martha McCallum Thursday evening to react to a criticism by the Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick. The Fox analyst felt he was defamed by Mr. Patrick.

The Texas Lt. Gov. argued that people who insist on these open border policies basically have blood on their hands. And then he added, “even Geraldo Rivera, and I haven’t ever met the guy,  I seem to like him, seems like he has a good heart, I saw him here on Fox saying I feel badly about this [Mollie Tibbetts’ death], ‘but…’.” Patrick continued, “there is no ‘but’.”

The unhinged talking head called Patrick a “bottom feeding politician” and then falsely claimed Patrick is stereotyping 11 million immigrants to this country.

Patrick never generalized as Geraldo said, but he does want the borders closed.

Geraldo said to the Fox audience, “I’m begging you” to “stop branding this entire population”. In other words, the Fox audience are bigots who stereotype all illegal immigrants.

Martha called him on that.

He went off again, throwing out more straw man arguments about how people of all races commit these crimes.

He argued that illegal aliens commit fewer crimes. That is the biggest straw man of all. They don’t belong here and they need to come in legally. It doesn’t matter if they are by-and-large good people. Any crimes committed by people here illegally would not have happened if they weren’t in the country.

Geraldo isn’t even accurate. Illegal aliens commit more crimes and more serious crimes and the figures are shocking. Watch this short clip.

Mr. Rivera referenced the cousins and friends of the Tibbetts who allegedly said Mollie would be horrified to see people being branded.

Geraldo probably saw the tweet and a Facebook post by two cousins, one of whom hates “Trumpists”. The cousin named Sam said he is a second cousin and he leveled very harsh criticisms in a tweet to Candace Owens for a harmless comment she made. Another female cousin wrote on Facebook that “EVIL comes in all colors”. We all know that. This isn’t about color, it’s about borders and the right to have them and a sovereign nation.

Geraldo is illogical and confused.




  1. Geraldo, drop the lie, there are more than 11 million illegals in this country. The number is probably closer to 50 million by now! Thank you for posting, Sara!

    • Geraldo is nuts and so misinformed about so much like the rest of the left. I looked it up, they have been using the 11 million number since 2005.

  2. Geraldo calls himself Republican. He has a long history of being VERY Liberal EXCEPT when the pain hits him or his loved ones directly. I’ve noted this for a very long time

    Here is a great example, he used to be among the fools believing the problem with radical Islam, they just need better jobs. That is, until his own daughter was put in grave jeopardy during the Paris terrorist attack. THEN Geraldo came out swinging, calling them every rat bastard name under the sun. Then he was suddenly outraged.

    Geraldo makes the same disingenuous argument the Left/Democrats loves to trot out. Today, he used the terrible murder of a young mother and her two daughters by her American husband. That holds NO water.

    Every country has their own fair share of criminals and evil, bar none. What you DONT do is IMPORT criminals and their unwanted citizens into your own country and that is exactly what is happening here.

    No, they are not all criminals. But too many ARE, and too many are the indigents from Mexico and every Latin American nation.

    Do a simple internet search: “Illegals and child molestation.” You get page after page of a near endless list is OUR CHILDREN sexually molested by illegals from local news sources. No, you’ll never see this or hear this from the MSM. “If the narrative doesn’t fit the MSM MUST OMIT.”

    • My momma always said that if ya can’t say something nice about someone then don’t say anything. So I’ll try to not say anything bad about the stupid, ignorant, useless idiot Geraldo.

  3. Rivera does exaggerate to the point of falsehood. Patrick is correct about Rivera being a likable person, I have met him twice in person. Now it’s my turn to say :”but” 🙂 But, if the US were as serious as protecting it’s borders and national sovereignty as most other nations of this world, perhaps poor Mollie would still be among the living.

    • The most obvious shills for the left, and out of those three, Juan is the worst. I think Fox keeps him around as an example of how a dishonest, ideological leftist behaves. I usually catch him on the “Five”. He never fails to exhibiit his lack of common sense each day. Usually the others on the program counterpoint him until they get tired of listening to him holler over them. Typical leftie…volume makes up for facts.

  4. In 1997 David Bender & I Bruno Leone, edited “Opposing Viewpoints on Illegal Immigration”, Greenhaven Press, Inc., San Diego, CA,. They concluded illegals provide pluses and minuses, but the scale tilts to the negative side.
    For example, during the early 90s, 25% of all in California state services were consumed by Illegals. That was about 10% of the state budget. Their contribution to the overall economy was about 7%. The disparity is even greater now.
    Some allege that illegals have lower crime rates than native born Americans. Statistics do not support that theory: From 1986 to 1992 in Santa Barbara County of California, there was an increase of 807 adult felony arrests. White adult arrests decreased by 26 or (3%) Hispanic adult arrests increased by 681 (84%). Black adult arrests increased by 149 (18%). Other adult (mainly Asian) arrests increased by 3 (0%) –. To be fair, Santa Barbara County is not populated with as many Asians as Orange and Los Angeles are, otherwise the percentages are similar. The recent policy of “catch and release” and “sanctuary cities” shows the fallacy of this policy.
    Juvenile arrests for whites decreased by 101 (38%). Juvenile arrests of Hispanics increased by 337 (125%). Arrest of black juveniles increased by 20 (7%) and other juvenile arrests, mainly Asian, increased by 13 (5%).
    Entry into this country or any other country as an immigrant or a visitor is a privilege, not a right. The safety and well being of our citizens must come before the comfort and convenience of foreigners.
    Contrary to the allegation of those who support amnesty or legalization; if you oppose Illegal Invaders, it is not a bias against all immigrants or racist as some like to throw out as smokescreens. The bias is just against those who make a mockery of our laws and culture. Massive Illegal Immigration taxes us beyond our ability to absorb. To ignore the crises brought about by flaunting our laws, as some well intended people suggest, is not only irresponsible, but makes a mockery of our laws. It is a slap in the face of those who play by the rules. If we continue to allow migrants who have no desire to assimilate, we will be Balkanized like Iraq and the Balkan countries.
    The United States already accepts more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined”.

  5. There is nothing more morally bankrupt than the progressive assertion that illegal aliens commit WHOLLY AVOIDABLE crimes at lesser rates than Americans. Anyone using that contemptible argument should be asked a simple question: what’s the “reasonable” level of murder, rape, identity theft, social security fraud, drug- and sex-trafficking, etc., American should abide so Democrats can have reliable voters and Republican can have cheap laborers?

    And they ARE illegal aliens, Jerry. Not “undocumented” immigrants, as if all that stands between them a legitimacy is paperwork.

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