Open Borders Group Demands Park Rangers Wear More Welcoming Uniforms



The illegal aliens want park rangers to wear uniforms that don’t look like Border Patrol because it frightens them.

This is not satire, it’s the latest nonsense from the open borders leftists.

The National Park Service, under Interior Secretary Sally Jewell,will acquiesce to anything, even this. It came out today in the New York Times that Jewell is enthusiastically supporting the removal of Native-Americans from an island home in Louisiana to send them from the warm climate of Louisiana to the cold, cold Washington State. The government has their own Trail of Tears going under the guise of it being a crisis caused by climate change. They are calling them ‘climate refugees.’ It’s purely politically motivated.

In the video below from CNS News, the speaker, Maite Arce of the open borders Hispanic Access Foundation, says the problem of frightening uniforms exists “among the Latino community, especially along the border.”

The Rangers, she says, are “such wonderful people who just want to share their knowledge with everyone.”

Such donkey fazoo.

Rangers used to arrest people but who knows what they do now. Arce only cares that they have cheery, colorful, inviting uniforms that illegal aliens can spot easily and separate them out from the [evil] Border Patrol. They want to erase more than their uniforms, they want to erase their law enforcement responsibilities.

She says in all seriousness that “It’s such a shame that something as simple as the uniform and its similarity to the Border Patrol’s uniform coloring could be very frightening to certain segments of the population.”

This group, the Hispanic Access Foundation, wants and will likely get an Executive Order to address the “priorities for a more inclusive approach to conservation of our public land.” On Thursday, they recommended re-examining the “cultural implications of existing agency uniforms, offices, signage, and other facilities.”

“The face of America is rapidly changing; yet our public lands do not reflect this demographic and ethnic diversity,” a press release from the Foundation stated.

Obviously, they want the message sent to Park Rangers that they are not law enforcement, at least not when it comes to illegal immigrants.

I don’t know about you, and would like to know what you think, but I want illegal aliens to be so afraid that they run back over the border all the way home. We simply can’t afford endless, unfettered immigration of unvetted people, some of whom are members of drug cartels or terrorist organizations.

You can read their recommended proposal on this link. They want inclusiveness and respect of all people, code for open borders. It gets worse as you read it.

The president probably asked them to request it – that’s how he operates as the creator of sue and settle environmental cases and other similar covert operations.



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