Open Borders Pelosi Blocking USMCA Trade Deal-Fears Lack of “Enforcement” by Mexico


With all the talk of polarization in D.C., one possible, even shining example of bi-partisanship legislation remains stuck on Speaker Pelosi’s desk.  The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement would replace the outdated, and increasingly less productive North American Free Trade Agreement.

The USMCA is widely seen as a win for the U.S.  According to the United States International Trade Commission, ratification of this deal would lead to 176,000 new jobs and $68 billion in increased economic growth.  It also has provisions to improve wages and working conditions all across North America.  

So why is Nancy Pelosi blocking the House of Representatives from voting on something that would have support from both sides of the aisle?  She’s worried Mexico will fail to enforce the law!

The Democrat Speaker said, “We still have some issues that relate to enforcement, because if you don’t have enforcement you just have a nice conversation and a list of nice things….”.  

Anybody want to point out Ms. Pelosi’s stunning lack of self awareness?  Perhaps some brave reporter should mention that for years she’s heartily embraced what amounts to only “a nice conversation and a list of nice things” when it comes stopping illegal aliens from pouring through the U.S.- Mexico border.     



  1. Nancy P’s motivation against USMCA is consistent with her opposition to anything and everything having the President’s seal of approval on it, regardless if it is something that benefits the American people… it is frightful to consider her elevated to VP were the phony impeachment successful. Remember, Gerald Ford became POTUS from the position she now holds!!!!

  2. When the President gets re-elected and the House flips back to the Republicans and the rinos get bumped out maybe then we can make sure the President gets all the support he needs to MAKE AMERICA GREAT,KEEP AMERICA GREAT, AND KEEP AMERICA FIRST!!!!!

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