Open Borders ‘Reporter’ Jorge Made a HUGE Admission About Migrants


Univision’s open borders leftist ,Jorge Ramos, is trying to characterize the invasion to the south as a humanitarian crisis that must be solved by nations working together as opposed to sending them home. Speaking live Wednesday from Tijuana propagandist Jorge said it “was intelligent” for the migrants to cross illegally.

He inadvertently admitted a reason why the wall must be built! BUILD THE WALL! Jorge just showed how much we need it.

Jorge said the migrants know they can’t keep competing with tear gas so they will just go a short distance away to another area where the wall ends and cross there.

The Department of Homeland Security has reported that the predominately young male caravan includes 500 to 600 who are affiliated with gangs and other criminal behavior. Open borders Jorge knows this.

“If you go five miles that way or 25 miles that way, the wall that you see behind me disappears. If they don’t see a legal possibility of applying for political asylum, they’re just going to go a few miles… [and] they are going to try to do it illegally,” he said to CNN host Anderson Cooper.

“They learn very fast, so they are not trying to go in mass again to the American side. But they are doing something completely different and probably more intelligent,” Ramos added.

He also said there is no possibility of them returning home which is not true. Many are returning on buses that have been provided.

As it happens, the illegals are pouring in at other areas. That’s where border patrol caught the MS-13 monster.

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