Open letter to George W Bush….and the American people



Dear President Bush,

After listening intently to, and considering the context of, your speech last week, I feel compelled to respond.

“We’re gathered here in the cause of Liberty.”  Liberty is freedom with personal responsibility.  Considering all which has transpired here, and world-wide, over the last several years, you choose a rather odd time to speak out.

You assert freedom, democracies fail when, “those charged with preserving and protecting,” democracies fail. Let me be clear, the last several presidents of this country have failed miserably to preserve and protect our liberties.  But none failed quite so stunningly as Barack Obama which leads many to wonder, where have you been over the past, devastating 9 years?

“Exploit our divisions”: We all witnessed President Obama engage in the constant pitting of all factions of Americans against each other. Be it race, religion, financial or social status, no president in memory worked harder at sowing divisions.  Politically, Leftist ideologies were glorified, Right ideologies/traditional American values were mercilessly vilified and effectively silenced.

“Freedom is not merely a political menu option”:  Indeed it is not, Mr. Bush.  But during the Obama years, freedom of speech and the right of personal, chosen beliefs were under perpetual assault.

BTW, did you have a chance to read the list of potential domestic terrorists issued by Mr. Obama’s DHS secretary?  Christian, Patriot, Veteran, Pro-Life, Constitution – chances are Sir, some of your beliefs fell under one or more such labels making you, too, a “Potential Domestic Terrorist.”

A Sampling of Obama years in America … as you sat silent:

  • Blatantly violated the Constitution no fewer than 21 times
  • Flat out repeatedly lied to the American people about major issues
  • He ignited the War On Cops resulting in their deaths; honored BLM with WH invite “Pigs in a Blanket, fry them like bacon” “What do we want, dead cops, When do we want it, ‘NOW”
  • He & Holder threw gasoline on conflicts like Ferguson
  • National debt exploding to +20 TRILLION
  • IRS selectively target citizens who politically disagree ie Christians, Conservatives, Patriots
  • Instituted New Rules of Engagement resulting in INCREASED military wounded and deaths
  • Proposed wounded Vets pay their own healthcare (after all, they volunteer, knew the risks)
  • Took no action to repair broken VA hospitals, Vets died awaiting care
  • Used military as a petri dish of social science experimentation
  • Forbid military from speaking the name of the enemy, Radical Islam
  • Threw wide open our Southern border to millions of illegals and covert
  • Releasing hundreds of thousands convicted illegal alien prisoners, free to reoffend
  • DACA costing millions and the lives of American children via horrific diseases imported with them
  • From 2009-2013 alone, imported 680,000 refugees from every world wide hot bed of terrorism
  • Dangerous jihadists released from Gitmo, free to re-join the battle against us
  • The stunningly bad, almost treasonous Iran Nuclear Deal
  • 1.7 Billon delivered to Iran on pallets of cash
  • 1.7 Billon delivered to Iran on pallets of cash

You claim we have a, “crisis of confidence.”  You are quite correct but sadly, do not seem to comprehend why.

As an example, the American people are neither ignorant nor disengaged.  Millions of us witnessed a demoralizing and yes, lawless 8 years in America. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, wiped clean with Bleach Bit from her illegal home brewed server some 33,000 emails.  Her hand held devices were sent to the FBI minus Sims cards while other devices suffered destruction by hammer.

ALL of the aforementioned were under subpoena.  Three days after a clandestine meeting between Bill Clinton and AG Lynch at an obscure tarmac in Arizona, FBI Director Comey detailed some of Ms. Clinton’s many felonious acts then, rewriting federal law, let her off due to “lack of intent to harm.” Our national security was, without doubt, put at serious risk.

Meanwhile, Machinist 1st Class Kristian Saucier was sentenced to a year in prison for taking a few submarine photos.  He hoped to show them to his children one day.  “We are a nation of laws” but, when it becomes painfully apparent, laws do not apply to equally to citizens and political, when our judicial system has become tainted and corrupt, there can be no confidence.

After the horrific 9/11 attack you asserted, “I hear you … and pretty soon the world will hear you.”  You heard but did you actually listen?  Sept. 20, 2001, you followed with a speech addressing the Muslim world referring to their, “teachings are good and peaceful.”  There actually is/was video recordings of many Muslims in America, and around the world, celebrating the worst attack on American in our history.

Did you consider having the courage to call for a temporary pause on Muslims entering our country?  No, you allowed them continued entry instead opting for the Patriot Act.  Yes, this allowed surveillance of Muslims here but also intense surveillance of American citizens.

The “slippery slope”created by the Patriot Act that we worried about has now evolved in ways which far surpass our initial concerns. You speak of a crisis of confidence?  We now know Obama’s NSA chief defiantly, flat-out lied to congress about surveillance of American citizens.

From wrong-sided interference in the Arab Spring, to ignoring Iran’s Green Revolution … from the horrific Iranian Deal, refusing to address North Korean’s nuclear aggression to the irresponsible spread of ISIS, the “JV team,”  had you nothing at all to say Mr. Bush?

No fewer than 8 times you speak about, “global,” concerns. and dare to lecture about “Nationalism vs Nativism.” Sir, we’ve just arisen from an administration where by, “patriotism,” was nearly akin to a crime.

It qualified citizens as potential terrorists.  Have you forgotten during WWII America saw as many as 1,700,000 deaths in the European Theater alone? Our country was the decisive factor in liberating Europe from the grips of the Third Reich. Be it natural disasters or human conflicts, America has always given, and continues to give, its full measure of relief and assistance around the world at great sacrifice both monetarily and in American lives.

Do not conflate Nationalism with Nativism. Our great, and deserved, national pride has thankfully been liberated by President Trump. That his every decision is guided by the safety, protection and best interests of the America people, first and foremost, is what every president is charged to do.

We refuse to keep apologizing for our successes, our kindness not continue to be perceived as weakness. Seeking fair and equitable trade agreements alleviating suffering of the American workforce should, in no way, be a source of scorn, not by you, not by anybody.

During his first foreign trip, his “apology tour,” President Obama was invited by President Sarcozy to join him in a  trip to Normandy where many of our dead are buried.  He refused as he feared. “insulting Germany.”  Were you even tempted to speak out as Obama took the world stage humiliating our America?  Or then as now, did  you agree with his sentiments?

“Little did we know that repressive governments would be undertaking a major effort to encourage division in western societies and to undermine the legitimacy of elections.”  None have done more to undermine the legitimacy of this past election than Democrats, the Leftist movement and yes, even some Republicans.

Those foreign entities’ attempts to interfere have been aided and abetted by these enemies of our current president. You will recall sir, the legitimacy of your own first election was called into question.

“Renewal of our (democratic) spirit the urgent task at hand.”  Where were you when Obama crushed the American spirit by denigrating us on the world stage?  As he violated our Constitutional protections?

Mitt Romney, John McCain, both lacked the courage to run serious and aggressive campaigns against Barack Obama.  Yet Romney, like his father, somehow found the nerve, or gall, to viciously, disgracefully, attack one of his own.

In many ways Mr. Bush, you helped to usher in the Obama administration, the most lawless presidency in our history.  During your presidency, you refused to fight back against your many attackers.

You thought the long string of lies gone unanswered would magically disappear. Instead, they eventually they took on a life of their own and became believed.  “Bush lied, people died,” is still chanted.  As you left office, you left your supporters hanging out to dry.  The very words, “Republican,” “Conservative,” became akin to calling somebody a foul and dirty name.  Understand this Mr. Bush, every time President Trump defends himself, he defends all of us.

You remained a silent bystander as Obama systematically dismantled America in more ways than I can mention here. Whether lack of courage or covertly sympathetic Obama’s radical, Leftist agendas, all too many Republicans lacked courage to stand up for the American people. Either way, We The People have had their fill of treachery.

Last November, the American people spoke, loud and clear.  Our president, Mr. Trump, is exactly what American most needs at this point in time.  He is a man who, without doubt, has a deep and abiding love of country and has already demonstrated, against all odds, his ability to stand and deliver. We have had our fill of professional politicians promising everything, delivering nothing save for betrayals.

Ah yes, we well know President Trump comes without political pedigree, nor does he speak in political “tongue.”  You and other professional politicians, Elitists, look down upon him as a political peasants, an out-sider, unsophisticated … but please note, every time a member of the DC swamp strikes out against him, you deliver a slap in the face of every patriotic American voter.

Mr. Bush, you rode off into the sunset to live safely, peacefully on your Texas ranch honing your painting skills.  We, traditional Americans, were left behind depicted by your replacement, by the MSM, by the Left as monsters, as retro bates, as “potential terrorists.”  Rehabilitating ourselves has been no easy task but our burdens became exponentially lighter last November.

For the first time, perhaps since George Washington himself, we have an honest man not already owned and operated by the donor class, by the DC king makers, by lobbyists before his first footsteps into the Oval Office.

President Trump owes nobody but the American people who voted for him.  We are emboldened by his courage, buoyed by his candor and touched by his sincerity.

You remained strictly silent honoring the tradition of retired American presidents never criticizing current ones.  You had nothing at all to say during the exquisitely painful and destructive Obama years.  Why now, Mr. Bush?

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