Add results, comments, anything here. At this point Taylor Swift will be very disappointed — Marsha Blackburn won in Tennessee.

A few of the early results:

  • Unfortunately, Joe Manchin, who was a Republican for five minutes, has won his seat back, but, on the good news front, in Indiana, Braun flipped the Donnelly seat for Republicans.
  • Baker is winning in Massachusetts and Hogan is winning in Maryland.
  • McCaskill lost, Hawley won
  • Andy Barr won in Kentucky!
  • Ted Cruz won. MSNBC and Reuters called it for Beto which is truly absurd.
  • Cramer wins! Kobach loses.
  • McSally is tied.
  • Hawley wins and Claire, the 5-minute Republican, is gone!
  • Ron De Santis won! Corrupt Gillum can go back to his corrupt city.
  • My wonderful congressman Lee Zeldin won over the commie, Park Ave Perry
  • Rick Scott wins in FL
  • Bob Stefanowksi, governor of Connecticut, Republican
  • Brian Kemp wins in Georgia, defeating the far-left Abrams


  1. Many seem to be shocked Kevin Yoder lost the seat. Obviously they don’t know the demographics here over the last 20 years. There has been Tremendous growth in the southern part of the county. The growth has been Missouri Democrats moving across the state line because of Kansas City’s local Income Tax which is levied whether living there or even working there. We can only hope they don’t bring KC Mo.’s crime with them. Their per capita murder rate is greater than Chicago.

    Kris Kobach did have an uphill battle primarily because of the very leftist media in this area. He’s been constantly attacked for years, and with most similar media outlets they play loose with the facts.

  2. Republicans, namely Ryan, should have taken a page from the Gingrich playbook. He “knew” the way to win was nationalizing House races, and because of that, had the upset of generations. Relying on “wonkish policies” do Not motivate the masses to get out of their comfort places.

  3. What is actually the legacy of Ryan’s term. What did they accomplish. They haven’t appropriated the money for border security. They didn’t pass repeal and replace Obamacare. When they passed that bill I did read it. Some Conservatives were praising it, Until I told them it was NOT a repeal. The first page of the bill stated “an amendment to the ACA”. So, it was a con-job. The person Most to blame if the House is lost goes to Paul Ryan, the hidden Democrat.

  4. OANN reports of the only bi-sexual Governor. Isn’t that just another way of saying the person has multiple sexual partners. Are these type of people into orgies.

  5. It’s NO surprise at all that McCaskill lost. Her last election was only won because of a serious bungle by her opponent about rape. She wouldn’t have had a chance against Any serious opponent. If she was smart she would have been a bit less hard line Democrat.

      • I don’t remember the specific wording but was basically a matter of semantics, of how the word “rape” is defined. He was “basically” right but could be easily misunderstood. In typical fashion the Republicans ran like cockroaches in the light.

  6. We can probably assume Rosenstein and Mueller’s tactics will be a big change from the past. All those who engaged in illegal activity during the 2016 campaign will NOW face no repercussions. Trump would be wise to can many in his administration after this election.

  7. Dems get to redistrict and the Holder-Soros-Obama redistricting lawsuits have affected quite a few seats. The country is moving hard-left but we must fight harder.

    • I’m thinking it was in Pennsylvania where the State Supreme Court did the actual redistricting. I think SCOTUS declined to intervene. There is Nothing in the Constitution that is More specific than on creating districts. It is cut and dried, without question. The Courts have absolutely NO authority in this matter. It’s one thing to have a Court question gerrymandering but to “draw” a district is Way Out Of Line.

  8. Calling the House for Dems? I absolutely hate that BS.

    As of 9:55 The count for the House, on Fox, was 95 for Republicans, 85 Dems.

    The polls were open till 9:00 in Wisconsin, Arizona, Louisiana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, Wyoming.

    Polls open till 10:00 in Idaho, 10:00 and 11:00 (that’s what it said, which states for which time it didn’t say) Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Oregon Utah. 11:00 California, Hawaii, Washington. 12:00 Alaska.

  9. Cernovich makes a good point. The many on the Republican side who dropped out required money to be spent in those races. Then, how many running did Not want Trump to campaign and What effect did That decision have on those races.

  10. What The Hell! Van Jones calls opponents a disease. A blue war. Why is this Idiot on the air. And THEY complain about Alex Jones.

  11. We can’t overlook the fact that many in Congress were apathetic to Trump while some were hostile. Few would stand strong. The final test would be how many Republicans turned out.

    Fox is calling Dems taking House. If so, we can see what will become. To me, Trump should take a hard line and threaten, and if necessary, shutdown the Government if they take a hard left.

    • Imagine Mad Maxine in charge of the money, Nadler impeaching, Schiff on Russia probe, and Pelosi as Speaker — I think I’m ill

      • They can make life miserable but little they can accomplish. They can’t get past the Senate.

        I’m still curious what effect on the final result had to do with the Tech Giants.

  12. Republicans, especially Ryan, only seem to talk about “tax-cuts” as if that is Everything. From what I understand about Half don’t pay Federal taxes. If so, that’s half the country that the Republican agenda doesn’t appeal to.

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