Oprah Winfrey Might Run for President and She’s Under 70 years of Age


A mere 63 years of age, Oprah left the door open to running for President. By Democrat candidates’ time, 63 is quite young.

In December, Public Policy Polling a left-wing organization, found that the top three candidates to run in 2020 are Septuagenarians — Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden leads the way for Democrats with 31% to 24% for Bernie Sanders, and 16% for Elizabeth Warren. They’re the only folks they tested with meaningful support for the nomination at this point. Cory Booker gets 4%, Al Franken and Kirsten Gillibrand each get 3%, Sherrod Brown and Andrew Cuomo each get 2%, and Julian Castro gets less than 1%.

Clinton author Ed Klein said Hillary Clinton definitely plans to run again. Another septuagenarian!

The younger candidates are awful and the older ones are awful and old.

These are all win-wins for the GOP but putting Oprah on the ticket would be epic.

former Governor Beshear

If you missed the Democrat rebuttal to Trump’s speech last night, the Democrats chose an elderly gentleman who said he was “a proud Democrat, but first and foremost, I’m a proud Republican, and Democrat, and mostly, American.”

If you find that confusing, so did most people.

He is well past his prime just like most Democrats and no one knows who he is including him. It was like a scene from The Walking Dead. The diner was a nice touch to woo Democrat middle class voters without jobs back to the fold. The tired old gimmicks should do it!

Meanwhile, the Dow closed at an all-time high as stocks soared 303 points this morning after the President’s speech. Remember when the country was going nowhere economically but the market was doing well under Obama and that was all we heard about?

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