Bill O’Reilly Explains How Salacious Anti-Trump Report Came About


Bill O'Reilly interviews Lindsey GrahamBill O’Reilly explained in his talking points this evening how the salacious report against Trump came to be.

The Timeline And Where It Came From

In September 2015, a GOP donor hired Fusion GPS to compile opposition research on Donald Trump. In the spring of 2016, Clinton allies also hired the same company to compile more opposition research on Donald Trump. The goal was to dig up dirt.

In June, 2016, Fusion GPS hired a former MI-6 officer Chris Steele to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia.

Steele then began to collect gossip from Russian operatives and put them into memos. The Russian operatives undoubtedly planted the stories and laughed while they did it.

In August 2016, those salacious memos found their way to the FBI via John McCain. On Halloween, a far-left magazine ran a story about the anti-Trump operation.

The national media ignored the story. Last week President Obama was briefed on the Russian hacking and the anti-Trump memos were included in the briefing. President Obama was said to be displeased the garbage was included in the pack according to Joe Biden.

The next day, Trump received the same briefing. Shortly after, eight congress people received the same information. They were Nancy Pelosi, Mark Warner, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Chuck Schumer, Devin Nunes, Adam Schiff, and Richard Burr.

A short time later, CNN received a leak that the bawdy stuff was presented to President Obama and Donald Trump.

Then buzzfeed printed the salacious stuff.

O’Reilly said baseless allegations paid for by political assassins should not be published.

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7 years ago

John McCain showed the report to Lindsey Graham. How about that?

john doe
john doe
7 years ago

adam Schiff leaked anti trump report back in august