Oregon Killer’s Father Blames Guns Instead of His Mass Murdering Son


Instead of apologizing for the horrific crimes committed by his son or recognizing that his son was responsible, Ian Mercer, the Oregon killer’s father, blamed guns.

“That’s what guns are. The killers. It’s as simple as that. It’s black and white,” he says. Guns are the killers. Not his son.

“They talk about gun laws, they talk about gun control. Every time something like this happens they talk about it and nothing is done,” said Ian Mercer.

“Look all over the world, you don’t see these kind of mass shootings all over the world on a consistent basis like you do in the United States,” he added.

“I’m a great believer, you don’t buy guns. Don’t buy guns. Don’t buy guns.”

Maybe he should stop acting like he doesn’t know where his son got the guns. Either he knew or he didn’t have anything to do with his son.

If he wants to know how his son got 13 guns, he should check with his son’s mother who stockpiled firearms because she was afraid the guns laws would get stricter.

She was open about loving guns and shooting and took her son with her to the range.

A former employer said her husband was a hunter and former military, according to The New York Daily News. The only husband listed so far is Ian Mercer.

Laura Harper on the right
Laura Harper is on the right




  1. That is just a bunch of BS. People not wanting to be responsible for their or their son’s actions, and blaming inanimate objects. Like “Officer it wasn’t my drunk driving that killed that person, it was the car’s fault for making me want to drive it.”
    That gun didn’t get up on it’s own and kill those students, nor did it tell the kid to come and get it and take it out to kill people. Although the kid may have imagined it did, who knows what meds or drugs he was on.
    None of my guns have ever got up and killed anyone,nor have they told me to pick them up and murder anyone.

  2. It is not and I repeat not a gun problem. It is how we have raised children with no empathy. It truly is a Heart and Soul Problem!

  3. anyone ever wonder why in all ‘mass shooting’ events since mr. whitman climbed the tower in ’66,
    most shooters have been young men ‘twixt 18 and 26 ? moreover, as the timeline moves
    toward the present, ‘most’ becomes ‘vast’ and then ( with the exception of mr. hasan ) ‘all’.

    the media makes no mention of this, perhaps i’m too curious…b

  4. That is so retarded. This bull crap is way past getting old. Its actually getting annoying. Apparently this country has a bunch of grown children that would rather play the blame game instead of placing the blame on the person pulling the trigger. Why dont these people grow some balls and stop being cowards and put the blame on WHO IS ACTUALLY RESPONSIBLE!

  5. It is the fathers fault for not recognizing that his son was turning to the Muslims belief. His son was evil and he does not have the guts to admit it. He is blaming guns, How ignorant is that.

  6. WHO goes to a college or anywhere for that matter, and asks people if they are Christians????

    Then because they answer YES, he shoots them.

    HE SHOT THEM, not the gun. Wake up people, or his dad needs to wake up!!!!!

  7. Here’s where I think the problem is, 1, people with a mental problem shouldn’t be allowed to have a firearm. 2,Never will they ever be able to take away our guns. Guns are bought by people everyday some in gun shops and some from individuals. People who know that a person has a mental prob shouldn’t sale to that person either a shop or individual. However, this is a big thing to have to do. Most anybody can get a gun if they want one.. Banning a gun WILL NOT stop the prob .. NEVER… What happened to common sense in our country ??? Something has to be the blame but let me say, Banning Guns Will Never Do It….

  8. Those guns didn’t walk into our college and fire themselves…..wish I could say what I’m thinking, but it is not very nice 034itgk;ftlghingtyo$*&&_(^%&. Don’t ever show your face in Oregon…you are NOT wanted.

  9. If the father has a weapon please take it now… The stupid man is crazy…
    He pulled the trigger, he loaded the weapon, he aimed it… It’s a shame his
    father had his head up his own ass and didn’t knew his son was nuts… Stupid, stupid people….
    Have you ever noticed that they always blame everyone else for their mistakes in life… It’s
    always someone else’s fault….

  10. How is it the guns fault. Guns can’t pull their in trigger, if they can then I guess I need to get rid of mine before it kills somebody. If kids are taught about them how to handle and what kind of damage they do, and for heavens sake a better way to figure out how to keep guns out of the hands of idiots. Get a grip your son had problems and you should have noticed something. He did it not the gun

  11. This guy is as crazy and dangerous as his misbegotten spawn, He deserves a “good talking to” if anyone knows what I mean!

  12. This guy is an Idiot!! Take responsibity for what your Son did… THE GUNS DIDN’T FIRE ON THERE OWN!! YOUR STUPID SON PULLED THE TRIGGER OVER AND OVER AGAIN HE WAS SATAN!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh..so this wasn’t your lunatic sons fault? I guess you are just trying to protect the memory of your little half breed.

  14. John (not real name) is not able to have a gun for his felony history. He said the gun is powerful can shot a giant person down and dead! But John wanted to kill that massive size man comparing John is shimmy 5′-2″. What did John use for him so easy? A caddy car drove over him to death! So easy to find a “weapon” car than guns! So easy!

  15. Really, he blames the guns??? What an idiot!!!! A gun by itself can do nothing, someone has to pull the trigger!!!! He needs to take a long hard look in the mirror, the blame falls on him, undoubtedly he failed to raise his son properly. As for where he got the weapons, could have been anywhere. Those who commit crimes with guns usually don’t just go to the gun shop, they obtain them elsewhere.

  16. They don’t want to take the responsibility of their son action.l say she the parents in court. Bring the gun and put it on the witness so it can tell the world
    I chose to kill those people. Get real if you knew your son had a mental problems the guns should have always been secured when his mom took him
    To the range the weapons should have been secured and their should have been no access unless the a parent was with him.
    You killed not only your son but others. If you were a Christian you died

    Your son choose who he was going to kill based on their religion.

    You killed your son and others

  17. This man is in denial. He raised a mentally challenged son and I am sure there were many red flags, e.g., failure to meet the minimum requirements to pass basic training.

    We do not need new gun laws that threaten the rights of law-abiding people; we need checks and balances on mental nuts like the shooter. A national database of these borderline types should be created and their suitability to own a firearm determined before any purchase is allowed. This is not rocket science.

  18. time after time there are multiple people that blame the gun for killing people. it is a tool people wake up! it doesnt shoot itself, it needs manipulation (pull the trigger) to fire and kill someone. if someone , wanted to kill a person or persons, there are are so many other things that can be used. it is just beyond comprehension that there are so many people still in the dark ages about the use of guns.
    all the people that say we need tougher gun laws and take away the guns are scared and ill-informed. this will not work. you depend on the police to protect you, the police cant be every where at once or in a timely manner , even tho they try. be smart, educate yourself on guns and their usage. they are a very efficient tool i, if used in a safe and smart manner. go to a shooting range and shoot one . tougher gun laws and taking away everyone’s guns only hurts the law abiding people not the criminal with the intent to harm another person. a criminal will find away to get a gun no matter what , if he desires one and he will not wait for his permit or wait the 3 to 10 days to purchase one. if you think that criminal will obey any new laws…i would say you are bat shit crazy. in my own opinion and not that it matters to a whole lot of people, is everyone that can legally own a gun should and get familiar with , whether you will use it for protection or to go hunting or sport shooting on the weekend. just learn about them..dont be scared!.

  19. This father is a military man. By that alone he should know that guns do not kill people that people kill people. Also what type of marriage did he have or what type of father was he really to bit know his wife was buying weapons and teaching there son. As a parent and husband you should be involved with your wife and childs life. Not sit back and say I DON’T KNOW. & HE DIDN’T DO IT… When he clearly pulled the trigger. Father of the year right there.

  20. i have never seen a gun kill anyone. i have seen people with guns kill people. a gun is like a car, it can kill just as a car can. maybe we should ban cars as they kill more then guns do. every see a parked car kill anyone? well i’ve never seen a gun do it either.

  21. At the time of the shootings I felt deep grief for the families of the victims as well as the parents of the shooter.
    I am sure that “his”father” and ” mother” must be devistated over their sons actions but it is time to face reality. Guns DO NOT kill people, people kill people. His father wants to blame the guns. WRONG!
    The mother loves guns,O.K. But the question remains that if you have a child who has mental problems:
    WHY does that child have access to the guns?
    You parents BOTH need to face reality.

  22. Where do they find them? i have to shake my head in amazement at his ignorance, how does he manage to get out of bed in the morning, feed himself an manage to somehow hold a job? and he was n the military? just trying to deflect the blame from the real problem which is or was his son……and thats the real problem making something responsible for his own failure as a parent to the boy…..and the failure to properly raise him with respect for others…..so that’s the real issue his own failure as a parent……no excuse an ever cover that one…….regardless of his effort to blame an inamimanate object that an do nothing on its own, the person is responsible for his own actions not a tool or anything else and the person most responsible is the father who failed in some way to do right by his child……thats where the real problem is……his failure to teach his child to be both a man and have respect for other. done pure and simple.

  23. I just came from a gun show in Fayetteville, NC, If guns kill people, there are about 300 people who won’t get out of the show alive.

  24. yep, its the guns and the loser people both. So yes we need to keep guns away from people that should not have them. you gun rights peole are fucking idiots. noone will ever take the guns away from law abiding people they should only make a alittle hard to get in that way it will keep some but not all guns (easy access) to mentals and criminals. Whats missing here is if a person is deemed by the govermemt not to own a gun. Then gets caught posessing one automatic 20 years in prison for owning a murder device. That way law abiding folk are not affected and criminals end up going away over time….with the 20 year no parole sentence alot of criminals will use other weapons instean of an intant murder device. I personally have no fear fighting off a person with a knife or a metal pipe. I least I have a chance….

    • I always hear of how removing guns will solve the problem. I know that this is pure rubbish. I worked in a country that has stricter gun laws than any place in the U.S. and they still have daily shootings and armed robberies. What the anti gun crowd does not mention is the number of knife and other weapon assaults that kill just as many or more people. This does not include the almost daily reports of attacks mostly multiple killings of Christians and others who are near them by bombs just because someone does not like Christians.
      This is not the guns fault, but the mother and fathers fault.

    • George you are the poster boy for idiot. If you wbat an illegal gun no law will slow you down. If you really want to kill you don’t even need a gun. Would you prefer a beheading or maybe throw your sorry butt off a building. This country has a hate problem and a blame problem. If we can’t identify the reasons (of which there are many) will cannot find the solution. It should start with accepting responsibility for ones actions. Remember this much us loonies with the guns protect your freedom to spout your ignorant and foolish words.

    • Up until 2008 roughly twenty two hundred gun crimes were federally prosecuted in Chicago every year.
      Gangbangers went to jail and the streets were relatively safe.


      The Democrats in charge (Obama butt buddy Rahm Emanual ) changed the rules for arresting shoot em up gangbangers. If you didn’t know, “THEY HAVE AN AGENDA”.

      To fit that agenda cops were ordered to catch gangbangers and confiscate there gun. So the gangbangers were free to commit more gun crimes and kill more people to fit that agenda of gun control.

      By 2013 less than 20 gangbangers were federally prosecuted.

      This was from a States attorney in cook County who reported it to MSM and Chicago radio.


      Rahm Emanual,
      Mayor of Chicago

  25. i’m sorry as it always goes its the other at fault as stated and believe a gun is nothing more than a tool. when safely and properly used its fun useful etc. go ahead make your rules take your guns, and in the aftermath when a person dies thru the use of a gun then what. here ya the million dollar bombshell criminals and dishonest or mentally challenged persons don’t follow the law headlines they go out and steal or buy any piece of weaponary available on any street corner in any big city in the us. then who ya gonna throw your stones at. the key to the start of a safer society is the proper education and mental screening etc. make 1 law and that is you take a life you leave a life no jail time no appeals boards for 20 yrs on death row case closed .

  26. How can an inanimate object be blamed for this? Did it jump in a car and drive itself to the college? Did it float in mid air and point itself at people? Did it pull its own trigger? Did it reload itself? Hey dumb a–! It wasn’t the guns fault! Maybe if you had raised your son right, HE wouldn’t have done this! Blame yourself AND your son. Ignorant fool!

  27. his “father” has the audacity to say that the guns are to blame…well, “his father”, until you prove me otherwise, I’ll tell you that you are the one to blame for producing this piece of garbage and not upbringing him properly….

    • I agree he is responsible for his Son’s actions. You are a product of your environment. Some thing was definitely wrong with this kid that the Father is not saying or excepting.

  28. When are Americans going to realize that the News stations report the news the way the Government instructs them to?
    Guns aren’t the problem PEOPLE ARE!
    Racism isn’t the problem RACE BAITERS ARE!
    The government is strategically playing chess with America to ensure that when its time for NOBAMA to leave office he will be able to ensue Martial Law!
    Wake up People, they’ve been stripping right away for years!
    The it doesn’t affect my life statement is about to implode on EVERYONE

  29. Of course he didn’t apologize for his son’s behavior. If he did, it meant he would have had to take a look at himself and how he raised his son. There is nothing else he can, in his own demented mind, do except………blame the gun. This sick man needs a LOT of counseling. When he faces the reality of what a pathetic father he is/was he’ll probably blow off his own head. Well………one can hope.

  30. The father is an idiot and being former military he held a gun at basic training so that makes him a liar too. He is just reading from the liberal scripts to insure that all guns get taken from everyone! CNN is so biased it isn’t funny, my gun store is within range of a school and was approved by the ATF to be there. The gun isn’t the problem, the person behind the gun is!

      • “Look all over the world, you don’t see these kind of mass shootings all over the world on a consistent basis like you do in the United States,” he added.

        Did you notice that was almost word for word what Obama said in his speech, 30 seconds (sarcasm) after the shooting happened?

  31. After Sandy Hook, they banned Assault rifles and large capacity magazines. They did do “something”. His terrorist son just used multiple hand guns instead.

  32. But you do hear about bombings, that kill a lot more people! And if somebody wants to kill bad enough, that is what he’ll do if there is no gun handy! You cannot outlaw EVERYTHING! What on earth is wrong with people?!

  33. so strap him to a chair in a locked room and place a loaded gun on a table in front of him. Leave him there until the gun kills him. It’s the only way to know for sure if it’s the gun itself or if it takes someone to pull the trigger

  34. It is not the guns fault!!!!! Put that gun on the table and it is a harmless piece of metal until a human being picks it up and pulls the trigger. I am sorry that your’e family will have to live with the consequences of your’e son’s actions, but I will repeat myself when I say ” IT IS NOT THE GUN’S FAULT!!!!!!. Cars kill people, planes kill people and so do cell phones when used when driving. Are you going to ban their use??

    • Yes, drivers + cars kill people. That’s why a) you cannot get a licence before a certain age and b) you HAVE TO HAVE A LICENCE (that takes quite a long time) in order to be allowed to drive a car. But it does not end there. You need insurance do have a car.

      Planes + Pilots kill people. Sure! Do you know how much training does a pilot have to go through before flying a plane loaded with passengers? Do you know all the rules and regulations in place to prevent a pilot from messing it up?

      There is no need to ban guns. Just make sure the people who should not have them can’t get them.

      • You don’t need a license or insurance to buy a car and keep it at home. There are no background checks to buy a car. There are no federally licensed car dealers. Anyone can be a car dealer. So to make it the same with huns as cars. Anyone can buy a gun with no background checks, no license needed if you are just going to keep it at home, no insurance either if you are just going to jeep it at home.

        Going further, a drivers license allows you to drive a car anywhere in any state in any city, in public. So lets make it the same for guns. Gun license means you can conceal carry a gun anywhere, in any state, in any city. Now you still want to make guns the same as cars? Because I suspect the NRA and gun owners of america would gladly support you in your efforts to make guns the same as cars. Also since over 99% of guns in this country are never used to commit a crime insurance would be chesp. If I could concealed carry across state lines and into chicago or new york city or national parks etc I would gladly support your proposal to treat guns like cars.

        • You are slightly incorrect with your car dissertation. If a car dealer sells you a car, they must transfer the tag and or apply for a new tag on the vehicle. That normally includes proof of insurance. If you are simply towing the car home, the tag is not needed BUT they still file paperwork with the state showing transfer of ownership. The dealership would also collect sales taxes for the vehicle and forward them to the state. I defy you to go to a dealership and test drive a vehicle without giving them a copy of your DL. There is also a litany of regulations that car dealers must conform to in order to get their business license, which include *gasp* federal EPA conformity. Though not certain, I would venture a guess that if you were to pay with cash that it must be reported to a government agency, either by them or certainly by the bank.

        • “Anyone can buy a gun with no background checks…”

          Wait, then what was that thing I had to wait for them to do with the ATF/FBI when I bought my handgun? The same thing my Sheriff’s Deputy friend had to go through and took even longer than mine.

          Maybe the problem isn’t the background checks, but the fact that the red flags that keep getting raised before someone goes off the deep end just are not acted upon time and time again. Maybe ask why people are ignoring the signs.

    • People driving cars kill, people flying planes kill, people using cell phones when they should be paying attention kill, or at least people have to be involved for these things to kill, but people operating a gun are definitely to blame!!!

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