O’Reilly – Baltimore’s Problems Aren’t About Bad Policing, They’re About Behavior


Bill O’Reilly’s talking points last night dealt with the real cause of the Baltimore rioting we have seen over the last two days.

  • Unemployment for blacks stands at 10% while the overall unemployment number is 5.5% after six years of Obama. The population of Baltimore is 63% black and the unemployments is 8.4%.
  • The city is controlled by black Democrats. The mayor is black and 9 of the 15 city council members are black. The police chief is black.
  • Despite that 24% of Baltimore residents live below the poverty line.
  • The median income for Maryland is $73,500, the highest in the nation, but for those in Baltimore, the median income is just over $41,000.

Baltimore is suffering but it’s not because of racial persecution, O’Reilly said, it’s because of personal behavior.

Baltimore has the fifth highest murder rate in the country and 90% of homicide victims are black and 90% of murder suspects are black. 90% of those arrested for robbery are black. 90% of those arrested for assault are black. For all offenses in Baltimore, 85% arrested are black.

It’s inevitable that there will be problems between cops and the black community.

O’Reilly has given a thoughtful analysis of what is troubling Baltimore.

He vaguely alluded to the Big Government Democratic policies. I suggest they play a most important role in the vicious cycle of poverty and well-intentioned programs that actually keep the cycle going.

The riots discourage businesses and consequently jobs, O’Reilly said.

O’Reilly suggests a no tolerance policy towards criminals is what is needed. One could debate that. In 2005, Martin O’Malley instituted just such a policy which he later abandoned because of negative repercussions.

O’Reilly stated that African-American communities have to police themselves and they can’t rely on Big Government to do it for them because that has failed.

The Baltimore police force is majority minority and half of the administrative positions are filled by blacks, however that didn’t stop The New Republic claiming otherwise and blaming the mess in Baltimore on whites.

It’s important for the far-left to keep blacks believing all their problems are because of white supremacy, white racism, white suburban Americans. It keeps them enslaved to their policies and their candidates.

One of the favored Democratic policies is the praising of the single parent family to the point that two-parent households have become a negative. Since single parenthood is linked with poverty, the next favored policy is abortion-on-demand. African-Americans are generally good, religious people and they can’t engage in abortions-on-demand without being hurt by it.

Estimations place the growing number of children born to unwed mothers at about 72% of the black population in America. Fathers are noticeably absent so Democrats have decided it’s because the white racists are putting the fathers in jail because the system is unfair, not because they are committing the crimes or their policies don’t work.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t bigotry that needs to be erased. It doesn’t mean that the black children in the poor quadrants aren’t at a significant disadvantage, but a change in policies and parenting – not a change in policing – is what is needed. There is a place for building trust between police and community, but not if it means ignoring crimes as mayor Rawlings-Blake did two days ago. That simply won’t work. It won’t work if we pretend criminals aren’t criminals, but merely “misdirected children” as City Council President Jack Young said this week. Police aren’t oppressors as Dr. Lamont Hill proclaimed as he encouraged the riots yesterday.

Democrats will push for funds for the poor blacks and they get 95% of their vote in return. What do blacks get for their votes? Baltimore has been under Democratic rule for 60 years and it’s hard to see how they are prospering. The only thing Barack Obama can do with his ideology is attack the police and fund more failed big government programs.

Since President Johnson’s Great Society, we have spent 22 trillion on curing poverty. Poverty was 14% when the program started and today – it’s 14%.