O’Reilly Calls for Gun Registration, Assault Weapons Ban



Bill O’Reilly wants an assaults weapons ban and he wants guns registered the same way we register cars. Bill’s also naive enough to think no one wants to disarm Americans.

After the IRS targeting, why would we want to have gun registration and trust the government with this power? They can’t even find terrorists when they are in plain sight.

Bill didn’t want to hear about the types of weapons that would be banned under an assault weapons ban, but that’s quite important since the term was invented to push the gun control movement.

The term “assault weapons” was invented by Democrats so they can ban a category of guns they don’t like. It’s become an effective political weapon. The “assault weapon” classification is a complete myth as an article in the New York Times admitted.

Hillary has taken it that one step further and referred to “assault pistols”. That should alarm people.

A gun ban list produced back in 2009 or 2010 by the Feds included ordinary rifles and a handgun. The handgun is their ultimate target.

The goal is to eventually get rid of handguns. An internal DOJ memo uncovered by the NRA shows that is their intent.

The memo asserts that assault weapons are not the major cause of the gun crimes and a ban on them would have little impact, especially given the fact that it would take decades to deplete the supply.

They therefore suggest that gun confiscation is the way to go:

Since assault weapons are not a major contributor to US gun homicide and the existing stock of guns is large, an assault weapon ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violence. If coupled with a gun buyback and no exemptions then it could be effective.

In New York and Connecticut, we don’t really have the right to self-defense. If we shoot an invader, we will be arrested and will have to fight to exonerate ourselves. They’ve banned some popular guns and with the SCOTUS refusing to hear the New York and Connecticut assault weapons ban lawsuits this week, they’ve in essence upheld the assault weapons ban and invited other states to do the same.

The left has called for an Australian-style buyback; some don’t believe citizens have the right to own guns; still others want no more than two shot guns,

O’Reilly pulled out a poll in which 89% of the American public said they want stricter gun laws. Who knows how that was worded but it’s bad news. The Second Amendment is losing the PR battle.

O’Reilly ended by saying Chicago has the strictest gun laws and is being overrun by gun violence.

It’s not gun violence Bill, it’s gangs and drugs that are the problem.


No one is reporting the failure of the four gun bills that were voted on in the Senate yesterday accurately. The two Democrat anti-gun bills deprived citizens of their Due Process. The Republican bills did not. One allowed for a 72-hour delay in sales and the other provided for additional funds to the NICS background check system and would have pressed states to send more records. The Democrats filibustered the Republican bills for no reason other than not wanting them to pass and give any good press to Republicans.

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  1. “O’Reilly Calls for Gun Registration, Assault Weapons Ban”. Ken calls for limits on TV propagandist (he certainly is not a journalist). “O’really” and his mouth should be banned from any media not around in 1776 because the Founding Fathers could not imagine TV, radio and internet in those days. See how that works, Bill? STHU and sit down, you are getting too old to think clearly. Perhaps dementia starting to show? Ken

  2. Every country that had gun registration also had gun confiscation. Registration serves one purpose only to let the government know who owns the firearms. It will not solve one crime ,because without the gun it is meaningless. You have to recover the gun for registration to work. If you do recover the firearm all it will take is a couple of phone calls to find the first legal purchaser of the firearm. call the manufacture with model and serial number, they will give you the wholesaler. Call wholesaler and they will give you FFL dealer. Last call FFL and they will give you the purchaser. It is that simple, but remember the firearm must be recovered either way.

  3. I saw that O’Reilly segment. He misstated the poll,saying 89% want gun registration. The poll as shown on the show, said the 89% were in favor of better background checks- there is a big difference between the two. Many believe that registration has no purpose except to make,subsequent confiscation possible. Background checks which for the most part are already in place. I think the only exception is private sales , not made by dealers which already must include checks, and make up a minuscule part of all sales. If the lack of follow up by the FBI in the Orlando situation is any indication, the better immediate action should be to investigate failed background checks and situations of suspicious activity.

    • Thank you very much for commenting. That difference is YUGE as Bernie would say. Gun registration is only for confiscation purposes IMHO

      I agree with you on investigative techniques.

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