O’Reilly Is Coming Back, He Will Be Talking


Bill O’Reilly will return on Monday to do a 4-minute podcast for premium subscribers to his personal website. This was revealed on his website Saturday night. It will be his first comments since he was fired.

He will have his say about his dismissal following numerous accusations by women of sexual harassment, charges that hurt the show’s advertising revenue. O’Reilly says the allegations are unfounded.

He will be able to reach some of his viewers.

Sources say O’Reilly doesn’t want to leave television and is considering the possibility of doing a show elsewhere – with networks like Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV, One America News and Sinclair Broadcasting among those mentioned, according to WND.com.

CNN’s Brian Stelter said O’Reilly’s team has also transferred all his tweets and followers to a personal account with no Fox-related branding.

O’Reilly’s show had been on Fox since 1996, the foundation of Fox nightly programming for over twenty years. His show kept the station’s ratings at number 1.

Fox News took The Factor off the air Friday night, with Greg Gutfeld filling in for the final broadcast with pithy comments.

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