O’Reilly Doesn’t Think Much of Fox News These Days – It’s Gone to the Dogs


After Bill O’Reilly was forced out of Fox News, he launched a podcast four nights a week and he seems happy with it. He has been careful to avoid criticizing the network, until this week.

“Fox News is not what it was three years ago,” O’Reilly told the Boston Herald radio. “It’s different people running the operation,” O’Reilly said.


Fox filed an amicus brief this week, joining CNN and Acosta in their lawsuit against the President. This was after Acosta’s press badge was canceled when his bad behavior became insufferable. O’Reilly called it a frivolous lawsuit and said it is an example of the changes at Fox News.

O’Reilly told the Boston Herald radio the “Acosta thing isn’t about freedom of the press, it’s about how you behave as a reporter. It was obvious to anyone that Jim Acosta was not trying to get information to the viewers of CNN he was trying to provoke a confrontation.”

“CNN’s lawsuit is a PR stunt,” O’Reilly added.

His comments were made yesterday before Judge Timothy Kelly came down with his temporary ruling. On Friday, Kelly ordered the President to return Acosta’s press badge. The basis for that was due process, not freedom of speech. In the end, CNN and Acosta got nothing from their suit. The President is developing standards that provide due process and considering his many other options. Options include throwing Acosta out, cutting his mic, not calling on him, and for White House staff to leave the conference. If he gives Acosta due process, he can probably take his press credentials away when he violates the rules.


O’Reilly went on to explain, “They want to get on the side of establishment media.” The days of being “mavericks” and “outsiders,” he said, are over.

“They don’t want to be attacked anymore by the New York Times, the Washington Post or by CNN, they want to be part of the club,” he told the Herald in conclusion.

It’s exactly what O’Reilly said during his podcast Thursday.

Anyone who has watched Fox regularly knows the network is gradually changing. Hosts have to apologize for every slight, right-wing guests and topics are banned or ignored, and there are leftists spinning their talking points for every conservative who has a few minutes of their airtime. For the most part, the leftists are allowed to dish without opposition. During the day, and especially on weekends, it’s beginning to lean left. As far as their support of the President, it’s just fairer than the other networks.

O’Reilly is correct. Fox is going to the dogs, maybe not right away, but it will happen.


  1. I recognized Fox’s move to the left long ago. Fortunately, I found OAN and much prefer their format. Also, Graham Ledger (weekdays 8 PM) is far superior to every Fox host combined. Sad to watch once professional and honest reporters/hosts abandon their principles in return for serving as the Murdoch Boys’ useful idiot who sign their checks and directs their minds.

  2. Once the nevertrumpers took over the panels, I all but stopped watching the network; couldn’t stomach the BS. There are now hours at a time throughout the day when it sounds like MSDNC or CNN now. A real shame. Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Judge Napolitano (who is wrong most of the time now), Juan, etc….make it unwatchable.

  3. Everything is so contentious now I have sharply curtailed watching FOX. O’Reilly had the best show, even if he was a pompous a$$ at times.
    The bunk the left comes up with every day is so off the wall, I can’t even watch it. When FOX brings on these liberal guests to prove they are fair and balanced, it just multiplies the negativity.
    I used to watch FOX right up to bed time, but now watch for a few minutes and turn it off.
    As for MSNBC and CNN, they are mental. The hate and negativity is so intense that it’s no wonder our country is so chaotic and that people get so riled up they start shooting. It’s never been this bad. I grieve and pray for my country and for Trump as he is attacked 24/7.

  4. I stick with talk radio. I can’t take Fox with their radical left wing democrat socialist commentators. Why bother watching?

  5. What really turned me off to an already disliked Fox News was Me-again Kelly’s performance at the debate. Everyone criticized her for it but do any of you actually think Kelly just went “rogue” and thought that up on her own? Of course not, it was done on orders from Fox. They wanted the Clinton VS Jeb! match up with Hillary winning and were thrown a curve with Donald Trump.

  6. To “balance” the leftist ideology at Foxnews there’s Lou Dobbs, Hannity, Laura Ingram and Tucker Carlson. The mantra for so long was “Fair and Balanced”. Really folks? Fox news has actually added a left leaning cabal and now it’s no longer “balanced”? Where do you get your definition of “balanced”? Don’t get me wrong, I despise the left and its violent socialist/communist actions, but there is truth in “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. You and I may not like what they say, but if all you want to hear is the conservative viewpoint, you’re digging your own grave. Best to keep your eye on that snake in the grass than put on a blindfold and pretend it’s not there.

  7. Same here. Fox used to my network of choice but now I’ve gone to OAN. Shep is a joke. As is Wallace. But Shep is the worst. He was even difficulty to watch, and my wife thinks that he looked like a frog!

  8. There are problems with O’Reilly’s opinion, related to his role at Fox. He had the top rated show in cable news, and it was on the conservative network, but he was like a boat anchor, did not have a conservative show. His show was loaded with leftists guests who he did not challenge enough. He created Megyn, a key figure in the August 2015 debate in which Fox tried to damage Trump and other conservatives.

    Tucker is a shining light of conservatism, is a skilled debater, allows lots of decent conservative thought, challenges leftist thought much. There is no comparison between the 2.

    There is also no comparison in the nitely Fox lineup, it is much more conservative than when O’Reilly was there. There is now 3 hours of conservative thought, 7-10PM. When he was there, there was only the Hannity hour, which Fox moved to the last slot to shoehorn in O’Reilly’s creation Megyn Kelly.

    O’Reilly’s opinions usually cannot stand the light of day. He is not very deep.

    Imagine if we had an actual conservative in his timeslot in 2008 & 2012, instead of a boat anchor. Obama may have lost.

  9. I too have noticed the changes, and it is making me less likely to turn on FOX for three to four hors a day. I prefer searching and interacting on the internet. soon there will be less need to have my satilite TV for news and movies.
    Was it Dylan that sang about the times they are a changing?

  10. The mainstream media can’t be trusted they have their own agenda. True Laura Ingraham is better than an idiot like Don Lemon but don’t get too attached

  11. I and my friends have noticed how frequently Dobbs, Hannity, Laura, and Carlson are showing clips from CNN, MSNBC, and CBS supposedly to “make a point.” … Actually, this is a sneaky way for FOX’s Leftist management to expose FOX viewers to these leftist stations and is probably mandated by FOX’s Lib bosses. I’m turning off FOX more and more frequently when this happens. If I wanted to see the MSM crap I’d watch these channels.

    • I used to love Fox News, but since they became Faux Nuze, I can’t bear it. The network I loved for being “Fair and Balanced” is gone, and the Trump Haters (Shep, Wallace, et cetera) are being promoted. Faux Nuze is CNN light, or almost MSNBC.
      I have no time for Communists in “moderate” clothing.

    • I don’t watch Laura. She is a turn off and I mostly skip Tucker after his talking points. Who wants to listen to the lefty hacks make a fool of him by talking over him? I don’t need that aggravation and I don’t watch TV to be abused either. Hannity, once in awhile, but he’s far too repetitive, trite and boring for any steady fare. Lou Dobbs is always talking over guests. It gets old. And none of them ever tell us anything we don’t already know. Batta Boom

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