O’Reilly Doesn’t Think Much of Fox News These Days – It’s Gone to the Dogs


After Bill O’Reilly was forced out of Fox News, he launched a podcast four nights a week and he seems happy with it. He has been careful to avoid criticizing the network, until this week.

“Fox News is not what it was three years ago,” O’Reilly told the Boston Herald radio. “It’s different people running the operation,” O’Reilly said.


Fox filed an amicus brief this week, joining CNN and Acosta in their lawsuit against the President. This was after Acosta’s press badge was canceled when his bad behavior became insufferable. O’Reilly called it a frivolous lawsuit and said it is an example of the changes at Fox News.

O’Reilly told the Boston Herald radio the “Acosta thing isn’t about freedom of the press, it’s about how you behave as a reporter. It was obvious to anyone that Jim Acosta was not trying to get information to the viewers of CNN he was trying to provoke a confrontation.”

“CNN’s lawsuit is a PR stunt,” O’Reilly added.

His comments were made yesterday before Judge Timothy Kelly came down with his temporary ruling. On Friday, Kelly ordered the President to return Acosta’s press badge. The basis for that was due process, not freedom of speech. In the end, CNN and Acosta got nothing from their suit. The President is developing standards that provide due process and considering his many other options. Options include throwing Acosta out, cutting his mic, not calling on him, and for White House staff to leave the conference. If he gives Acosta due process, he can probably take his press credentials away when he violates the rules.


O’Reilly went on to explain, “They want to get on the side of establishment media.” The days of being “mavericks” and “outsiders,” he said, are over.

“They don’t want to be attacked anymore by the New York Times, the Washington Post or by CNN, they want to be part of the club,” he told the Herald in conclusion.

It’s exactly what O’Reilly said during his podcast Thursday.

Anyone who has watched Fox regularly knows the network is gradually changing. Hosts have to apologize for every slight, right-wing guests and topics are banned or ignored, and there are leftists spinning their talking points for every conservative who has a few minutes of their airtime. For the most part, the leftists are allowed to dish without opposition. During the day, and especially on weekends, it’s beginning to lean left. As far as their support of the President, it’s just fairer than the other networks.

O’Reilly is correct. Fox is going to the dogs, maybe not right away, but it will happen.

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James Cool
James Cool
4 years ago

Fox may on some shows be pro-Trump but every other network is 98% against him so do you puke multiple times a day from them?

Steve Nichols (@Boatrunner)

What a Joke- Fox News is the propaganda arm for the Trump administration. Anybody that watches 5 minutes of Fox and Friends will want to throw up from their daily fawning of the Supreme Leader Trump.

4 years ago

Fox has a boatload of Muslim investors it has to dance for.

4 years ago

I recognized Fox’s move to the left long ago. Fortunately, I found OAN and much prefer their format. Also, Graham Ledger (weekdays 8 PM) is far superior to every Fox host combined. Sad to watch once professional and honest reporters/hosts abandon their principles in return for serving as the Murdoch Boys’ useful idiot who sign their checks and directs their minds.

4 years ago

Once the nevertrumpers took over the panels, I all but stopped watching the network; couldn’t stomach the BS. There are now hours at a time throughout the day when it sounds like MSDNC or CNN now. A real shame. Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, Judge Napolitano (who is wrong most of the time now), Juan, etc….make it unwatchable.