O’Reilly Interviews Non-Partisan US Attorney About Our Crisis Of Corruption


A former U.S. Attorney from Utah, Brett Tolman, a non-partisan official, explained that the corruption in the DoJ/FBI is no longer a political matter. There may very well be criminality here.

“You have to make the FISA judge aware of information that may invalidate the basis for the warrant,” Mr. Tolman said. “In addition, you have perjury issues.”

There is also the possibility of a “thousand-and-one potential,” he said, i.e., “are you knowingly giving false information to a federal official.” If it was done knowingly, you can’t argue obstruction of justice should apply in some instances but not in this case.

O’Reilly told Tolman he was stunned that former FBI Director Comey publicly admitted the dossier was unverified yet he put his name on paperwork that was submitted to the judge to get the warrant. Also, the fact that Comey tweeted, “That’s it?” bothered him. He asked Tolman what he thought.

US Attorney gives the clearest, most level-headed response yet

He asked Mr. Tolman about it. Mr. Tolman addressed it by describing the process that should have been followed. The FBI officials first hand in vetted information from named sources. They give it to the FISA court judge several days in advance to review.

Mr. Tolman said he is frequently asked, Is it possible the director didn’t know what was being presented to the judge? That’s not believable, he said. The rulemaking behind the FISA court expressly indicates the Director and Deputy Director are the only ones who have the authority in the matter.

O’Reilly wondered, Is this the gang that couldn’t shoot straight? The attorney said if it’s accurate that they wouldn’t have gotten the warrant without the dossier, it is “extremely damaging”.

Bill O’Reilly asked the attorney who is going to interview the FBI. Mr. Tolman said the “problem is there is no higher agency”.  The OIG is good but does not have the ability to uncover the corruption here.

Congress can’t do it. A special counsel is needed.

Watch the video, it’s an excellent exchange.


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