O’Reilly on Michael Moore Describing the Far-Left’s Strategy Going Forward


Bill O’Reilly discussed the taking down of Confederate statues on his podcast tonight and he reviewed the Alinksy tactics of the far-left, succinctly laid out by Michael Moore, their chief propagandist.

O’Reilly is getting a studio and is making the podcast into a news show. If you go to BillOReilly.com, you can join. It’s inexpensive. This segment is worth listening to. Moore’s tweets at the end might make your blood boil.


There are a number things on the internet – and I don’t usually bother with the internet sites because they are vile and disgusting and I don’t want to live my life reading this stuff – but I did have a researcher look. There’s a number of things from the far left. OK.

First is from the Revolutionary Abolition Movement. They’ve issued a statement on Charlottesville. Here’s a statement from that Revolutionary Abolition Movement far left. “Our fighters showed daring and willingness to risk their own safety for the sake of others and we hold them in the highest regard. Due to their fortitude and unwavering determination the anti-fascists held their ground and succeeded in stopping the rally.” All right so their fighters. They admit it. OK.

Quote number two. “The American state is collapsing as capitalism remains mired in crisis it’s one solid position within the global order is crumbling with ever widening cracks in the state’s Foundation. Those who reap the benefits of white supremacy society and American imperialism are grasping at any chance to maintain their position in the hierarchy it legitimates.

So you get the picture. This far-left crew – again you can’t equate them to the Nazis – they stand alone – want to destroy this country.

This is from Crime Inc. or something like that. This is an article;. Again far left deal.

Quote. “It’s essential to build fighting formations capable of facing down far right violence. Fascist love to portray themselves as victims in order to claim the right to do violence to others. Their entire narrative is built around the contradiction that they are simultaneously master race and underdog victorious and persecuted.

So they’re calling for fighting formation. OK. Finally this is from the same crew.

“The police will not protect us. They murder over a thousand people every year in this country.”

This is what this crew is saying.

“And infiltrate and attack our demonstrations when we stand up against alt right terror. We have to organize to defend ourselves.”

That’s a violent call. All of this is violence. All of it. Now the reason I read it to you … and again these are fringe, far left sewer, lowest level … but so is the National Front, the Storm Front, and all these Nazi people. That it’s the same crew just different sides OK.

But the reason I read you those quotes today is that you’ll never hear that on any American news site ever.

Now the propaganda to eliminate – and that’s the word – eliminate Donald Trump has reached a fever pitch. And the people who want Trump destroyed are using Saul Alinsky’s radical playbook.

So now the thing is not only is Trump a white supremacist racist but anyone who voted for Trump or supports Trump is as well. The chief vile far-Left propagandists in this country now is Michael Moore. CNN of course had him on last night. Roll the tape.


MICHAEL MOORE: I am certain that the 63 million people who voted for him actually, the vast, vast majority of them, loved that press conference.

DON LEMON: well, not all Trump Supporters.

MICHAEL MOORE: Not all. But the vast majority.

DON LEMON: and they take offence to people calling them racist because they supported them. So how then …

MICHAEL MOORE: Yes. but what are you? Yes if you hold down the woman while the rapist is raping here and you didn’t rape her, are you a rapist? I mean let’s just really, let’s cut the BS and start speaking honesty.

So there you go. Moore is saying what the strategy is on the far left. Any one voting or supporting Donald Trump is a racist.

Now that’s marginalizing their opposition, demonizing, and trying to convince everyone that Trump is evil and so are his supporters.

Actually Moore has been doing this for months. He tweets it now.

We have something to say about this. If you support Michael Moore, you’re a communist or a fascist or both.

Bill O’Reilly has some suggestions.



  1. One should ask WHY so many in media GAVE David Duke a platform and unending Free Publicity. Instead they go on endlessly about Trump but HE didn’t give Duke the publicity he so desires. THIS is the “public service” media has inflicted upon the nation.

    I watched two women on Fox and they aired a clip of the one who began to cry on air. Her response after the clip was “I’m not a racist”. Whether they realize it, or want to accept it, this supposed dialog, as the one put it, is not a dialog at all but a broad brush of racism painted on to a very large majority of the population and they seem unwilling or unable to accept the backlash they are receiving. The media are the aggressors in all this. Time and again they strive to stage a verbal gladiator confrontation, one against another and the more contentious the better. They then wonder how it has come to receiving threatening emails from listeners. These are the spectators who have joined the sport of the gladiators. But there are still many who prefer the bliss of ignorance.

    People like Moore and the women of Fox think they are shielding themselves from any racism, or semblance of white guilt, but that will not last that long. These people think they may be akin to the white marchers of the 60’s when there was overt racism, but we are not in that time. During that time King was marching for acceptance by everyone else. These days violence is the theme and once it is uncorked it will flow in many directions and those who assume they are immune will find no immunity. There is an increasing pocket of extremists who despise anyone who is white and this movement will grow when fertilized by rhetoric of the antagonists in the media. Their cries “I am not a racist” will then fall on deaf ears. You cannot stoke the flames of hatred against one group and not expect it to spread.

  2. There is another angle to the current mayhem plaguing the country. The Democrat left, And the media are in a frenzy to create public hatred of everything Trump. Why is there such a fanatical push for this narrative. It is their Own fear that drives them. A fear that Trump will actually succeed. For Trump to succeed the inevitable result is the exposing of liberal control of inner city minority communities and the devastation therein.

    Before the current hysteria Trump declared he was already in the process of reinvigorating those communities. He has been repeating his success in the economy, and his latest venture is to translate an economic success to the inner cities. When a community experiences success the failed leaders will be help accountable for their past misdeeds, including their corrupt practices. Once this has taken hold there will be no effort that can dissuade the result. Given these communities are composed primarily of racial minorities the best preventive action is to use that race as a weapon thereby nullifying the attempt.

    This analysis suggests those who attempt to portray others in accusatory fashion are themselves part of a “hate group”. It is a means of hate to determine a certain outcome, as it is on display when Trump is confronted by a hostile media that clearly is unable to comprehend the spoken word. Their “understanding” is an analysis guided by their own preconceptions. It is rather perplexing considering Trump does speak in simple terms, so even the uneducated can understand. So why do the “educated” Not understand simple dialog. It is due to a fear that Trump will bring economic vitality to those who have been abandoned and all the efforts to sustain failed policies will be shattered and possibly many careers in the process.

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