O’Reilly Reveals Bombshell Tape of Anti-Trumper Offering $200K to Woman Accuser


On the Glenn Beck radio show Monday, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly warned that there will be a “tremendous assault” coming at Trump in the near future by Democrats who plan to take back Congress and the presidency no matter what it takes.

Actually, it started Monday.

O’Reilly said that there is a tape that could be very helpful to Trump. It exposes a plot to overthrow the President with false sexual misconduct allegations. “There is a tape Beck — an audio tape of a(n) anti-Trump person offering $200,000 to a woman to accuse Donald Trump of untoward behavior,” O’Reilly said. “It’s there.”

Beck wondered when and how it would be released.

“I may have to go to the U.S. attorney myself,” O’Reilly said, although he doesn’t want to inject himself into the story.

“I had my lawyer listen to the tape — my attorney — he listened to it,” Bill added. “There are at least three crimes on the tape.”

He does believe he has an obligation to see that the tape is released. He added cryptically that the evidence is currently “in the hands of someone who knows the seriousness of the situation.”

O’Reilly won’t give any further information except to say, “But I can tell you that Donald Trump knows about the tape”.

While the tape doesn’t exonerate Trump, he said, it is a “powerful piece of evidence” that would expose an “industry” built on perpetuating false sexual misconduct allegations for political gain.

O’Reilly doesn’t understand why Trump doesn’t get it released.

“It’s there. It’s amazing. And it will change the whole discussion if it ever gets out,” O’Reilly said.

As reported by The New York Times, three women who came forward during the 2016 presidential election accusing Trump of sexual misconduct renewed their claims Monday on Megyn Kelly’s abysmal morning show. They are three of the sixteen soon to appear in an anti-Trump documentary by the very hard-left Robert Greenwald who is funded in part by George Soros.

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